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Cindy Dollar & Nicole Vice - double elbow tie!

Not one, but TWO girls who can be elbow tied in one update. That’s pretty rare! Whenever we have two girls, there’s always one who isn’t as flexible as the other. Cindy and Nicole are both flexible! They don’t have much experience in tight bondage though, so we went easy on them and let them help each other to escape. It’s a lot of fun as the girls are gagged too, so they had a hard time cooperating to get out of the rope!

Liane - gold rope

Beautiful tiny Liane joins our site to get tied up in a box tie hogtie! The gold rope looks incredible on her dark skin! She is also locked in a metal collar, as she wanted to feel really submissive for the day. We think she will be back for lots more, this girl really got into it! She may look very innocent and new to all of this, but we think she secretly has a lot of bondage experience! See for yourself!

Carry Cherry - a bit too much for her

We captured cute Carry Cherry! Well, actually she wanted to be captured. She asked if she could be tied up really tight so she couldn’t move at all! No problem, we just put her into a supertight hogtie with her hair tied back, so all she could do was roll around. A big ballgag isn’t easy with a hairtie pulling the neck back, so Carry soon was in trouble. The strain was getting too much for her and she started sobbing. Poor Carry! Be careful what you wish for!

Louise Red is back!

Louise Red is back for more! With a name like that, we just had to use red ropes! A more traditional style will suit her well, with some cool arm and leg ties for her to struggle in. The rope on her body connects to a crotch rope as well! That was a very interesting sensation for cute Louise, the more she struggled, the more she pulled on her crotch rope!

Darina Nikitina - incredible reverse prayer

Darina is back! She did some ultra tight elbow bondage when she was here before, and usually girls can do either elbow bondage OR reverse prayers. But not both. It’s a different kind of flexibility. Well, be amazed: Darina can do a reverse prayer! And a tight one! She must be one of the most awesome young bondage talents we have ever seen. It’s incredible what this girl can handle. She is one of the absolute best, and she definitely should have her own bondage website! Great gagged struggle too, don’t miss this!