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Aisha - reverse prayer

Beautiful Persian submissive Aisha is really going wild! She has decided she wants to try all kinds of bondage. Today, you can see her exclusive rope bondage set here on tieable.com, it is really special she trusted us to give her this first time rope experience. It was very surprising to see her ability to do a reverse prayer position! This pose in combination with a harness ballgag over her head scarf is amazing! And yes, we bound her tiny boobs too! She’s such a perfect bondage model, and she doesn’t even know it yet! Aisha is available for custom shoots!

Lera - abandoned in the woods

While walking through the woods with our model Lera, we found this great spot to tie her up! Tied between two trees with lots of rope, in a box tie, Lera was not going anywhere at all! She could barely move, it was very tight. We are very lucky to find girls who put their trust in us to make these incredible images and videos. Lera is a sweet submissive girl, and she enjoyed her moment of peril immensely! Being tied up and abandoned is a big fantasy for many people, but please play safe and consensual! We hope you will enjoy this update as much as Lera did!

Aubrey - fit babe tied up

Aubrey is a fit girl! She loves putting her workout pictures on Instagram and she always looks stunning. But today she won’t be able to post anything. She is nude, which is probably not allowed, and she can’t even take a selfie. But worse yet, she can’t do any good exercises today. She is tied in a box tie, with her boobs tied all pointy and tight. She tries a few things on the floor and the treadmill, but it is very hard!!

Katarina Blade - tied up swim

In Spain, we challenged Katarina Blade wanted to go for a swim in a reverse prayer and ballgag. She wasn’t too sure about this, but we told her it was actually safer, since water can’t get into your mouth when you’re gagged. She said something, but we couldn’t understand what she was trying to say. Pacing impatiently along the pool for a while, Katarina was clearly in doubt. Eventually she went in! It wasn’t a really good swim, but she looked amazing in the water!