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Yasmine - sexy strappado

Playmate Yasmine is tied in a sexy strappado. She is now realizing she shouldn’t have worn her extreme high heels. They don’t have a platform, so the angle of her feet is almost straight down! This makes it hard to balance. And if there is one thing you need in a strappado, it is balance! Don’t try this at home, especially not in these heels!

Aubrey - the chastity belt

‘Sure you can come tie me up again’, said Aubrey, ‘but I am locked in this chastity belt because of my home deal for ChastityBabes.com, is that a problem?’. Of course not! We would gladly come to your home to tie you up and have you walk around in ropes! Aubrey is stunning, anytime we can put ropes on her, we will! She is also available for custom shoots, if you want to really challenge her!

Nora Sparkle - rope harnessed

Wow Nora Sparkle is spectacular! I have wrapped her in a tight rope harness today, with tied boobs and a huge ballgag. Nora loves a good struggle! She is very submissive and she loves to feel very vulnerable and exposed. The fact that anyone could grab her aroused her! She can’t defend herself or even protest. Nora is such a great bondage bunny!!

Lolly Anne, Dandelion - huge gags

Wow, I loved strapping my broad strap 2.5 inch gag on the pink haired Dandelion! That’s a big gag for such a small girl. Much to my surprise, I managed to get an even bigger gag into the smaller Lolly Anne! She can take a 2.75 inch mega ball!! With their hands tied in a box tie, there was really nothing they could do but suffer in their gags. The gags were so huge, they could barely communicate any escape plan, so there was not cooperation to get out of these ropes. If you love huge gags, don’t miss this update!