Cherry English - ring gagged and elbow tied

March 22, 2020

Tiny Cherry English is back! She is so cute, remember her reverse prayerreverse prayerreverse prayer? This time we tie her elbows in a hard rope bondage position, with bent arms pulled upwards. Cherry is completely powerless, and she won’t be able to escape these ropes on her own. Elbow ties are so effective and inescapable! We strap a cute pink ring gag on her, so she starts drooling while she struggles! Enjoy this amazing picture set and video clip!

Lena - loving the ropes

March 15, 2020

Beautiful Lena loves the ropes! We tie her up in a box tie, with her legs tied (in the video clip). She struggles a little to feel the ropes on her body, her arms are pinned behind her back and she is very exposed. This is what Lena loves! Such a stunning girl!! We will definitely go back to her house to tie her up more!

Mira - first time in ropes

March 08, 2020

Cute young Mira is very pretty! And curious as well, as she reported to the Tieable.com studios to get tied up in rope for the first time. We wasted no time, putting her in a sturdy box tie with white ropes with her legs frog tied! Mira was completely helpless and very vulnerable. She thought it was amazing how such simple ropes can make her powerless. She struggled a little to test the ropes, such a gorgeous view!!

Little Lanta - tieable gymnast

March 01, 2020

Little Lanta!! Remember this school girl? Well, Little Lanta turns out to be much more than just a cute girl who can do a reverse prayer! She is actually one of the most flexible girls you have ever seen! Incredible back arch, side splits, middle splits, it’s all no problem for this gymnast girl. But can she do that with her arms tied ? Of course she can! Little Lanta can do anything!

Yana - box tie positions

February 23, 2020

Yana is back again for more bondage! After being hunted in the forest, she is now back inside, and she is in another box tie! Yana loves ropes! She tries out different positions she can still do while in a box tie, until we tie her ankles. Surprisingly, she can still move around quite a lot! Yana is so pretty in ropes!

Natalia Forrest elbow tied!

February 16, 2020

For more than 10 years we have worked with Natalia Forrest, and she never told us she was flexible enough for elbow bondage. Well, obviously it is very wise not to tell us, but we found out anyway! And now we know, Natalia is going to be tied like this a lot in the future. She was quite angry, and struggled wildly. She wishes we never found out!!

Penny Lee - 2.5 inch ring gag chair strappado

February 09, 2020

Penny Lee! We tied her once, maybe 5 years ago, and now she is back! Penny looks as stunning as ever, with her huge boobs which are so perfect for rope bondage. We tie her to a chair in a strappado position so she has to lean forward, showing off her massive natural boobs. Our new large (2.5 inch) ring gag has never been used, because we couldn’t find a big enough mouth to fit it in. Turns out Penny Lee can actually handle this ring gag! Lots of drooling and chair struggling, don’t miss this video!

Marina - pillar bound

February 02, 2020

A nice tie for Marina today: she is roped to the pillar in her sexy little dress. She thinks she is safe, but we pull her dress down (and up) to reveal her stunning body. There’s not much Marina can do except stand there. She tries to struggle but the rope and pillar are very unforgiving.

Jasmin - box tie and crotch rope

January 26, 2020

Jasmin is back! She casually mentioned she never had a crotch rope before, which is a strange thing to say… well, we did not want to disappoint her, so we included one in today’s tie. She is box tied and her legs are tied, and a tight crotch rope runs between her legs. We think Jasmin had a lot more fun struggling this time!

Introducing Clara

January 19, 2020

Please welcome Clara to tieable.com! She is a British girl who messaged us if she could come over and try some bondage. Well, of course! Clara’s heavy boobs make them perfect for a supporting chest harness. We tied her legs too, and strapped a big ballgag into her mouth. Clara’s first time in bondage was quite challenging! She struggled and rolled around on the couch, but she did not succeed in escaping the blue ropes! Beautiful girl, with an amazing body. Let’s hope she will come back for more!

Marianne - extreme elbow tie

January 12, 2020

Last time, Marianne handled the elbow tie so well, we decided to make it a little tighter today. More rope, tighter bondage, because Marianne had a bit of an attitude last time. She said she could handle more. Well, this time it was super tight and it was a lot harder for Marianne. No more attitude, she just tried to deal with her ropes the best she could. Poor Marianne, maybe she shouldn’t have asked for more!

Ariel Anderssen - wall hogtie

January 05, 2020

The famous Ariel Anderssen is a very experienced bondage model. We figured we could try and hogtie her to a wall today, lifting up her body, and attaching her harness gag to the wall so she can’t rest her head on the floor. Ariel did great, and she even loved the position a lot! It was very strict and she couldn’t move much, but she tried to protest and struggle (and drool) as much as possible. Because struggling is sexy!

Minerva - bound on her bed

December 29, 2019

We visited Minerva again in her cute apartment. We brought our rope bag of course, because Minerva loves to get tied up. Actually, she likes to struggle against the ropes! Maybe it makes her feel helpless and excited, or maybe she just wants to challenge herself to escape. Either way, we like going over to Minerva’s place!

Lucy Lauren - jail strappado

December 22, 2019

Fun loving Lucy Lauren is back! Remember her amazing arched hogtie? She really can do some extreme positions! So today, we tied her to the prison cell in a mean strappado. Lucy is harness gagged and her head is held back by the ropes. She wanted to take off her shoes but then she realized that would make her strappado even more extreme, so she didn’t. Now she was balancing in heels, with nowhere to go, in a brilliant looking strappado tie! Don’t miss these struggles!

Arabella - boob bondage and reverse prayer

December 15, 2019

New girl Arabella has tieable boobs! If you have tieable breasts and you don’t like to get them tied, don’t come over here, because we WILL wrap them in ropes. Arabella still has to get used to bondage, but she can do a wicked reverse prayer and she can handle big gags. Add her tieable boobs to all of that, and you know we want her back as often as possible. Hopefully we can convert her in to a resident model, she really has it all!

Kerry - harness gag chicken wing bondage

December 08, 2019

Kerry is one of the most submissive girls we have worked with. She would prefers bondage to freedom, carrying a pair of handcuffs around in case she feels the need to be restrained. Kerry does a lot of self bondage, but she likes it best when someone else ties her up, so she can not escape. And did we mention how perfect she looks in a harness ball gag?! Amazing girl, don’t miss this update!

Luna - tiny teen tries a reverse prayer

December 01, 2019

19-year old Luna is a tiny teen from Belgium. She wanted to get tied up so bad, she has been emailing us for months. We finally got her to our studio and tied her in a reverse prayer, much to her surprise. She had never been in this position before (or in any proper rope bondage). Luna squirmed and tried to get out, but she couldn’t. With a nice shiny ballgag added, Luna is just about as perfect as she can be! She will definitely be back!

Vika Lita - elbow bondage and huge ballgag

November 24, 2019

Our new talent Vika Lita can be roped in tight elbow bondage without any problems. She can also handle the largest ballgags. That makes her a beautiful tall and perfect model for this website! This girl is a lot kinkier than she looks, and she has done a lot more than just rope bondage. But being tied without any chance of escape is what she loves most. And a huge ballgag… well that just adds to her helpless feeling!

Anna - tied up and pretty

November 17, 2019

This new girl Anna is so gorgeous! She looks even better in ropes, and she really enjoyed her shoot! These ropes and this sensual girl are a great combination! Anna is quite new to all this but she liked it a lot. The cute box hogtie is really making her feel helpless and vulnerable, and you can see her little smile when her mind wanders, thinking about her predicament.

Ulysse - pink and white

November 10, 2019

We have so many girls from all over the world, did you ever study our models page? Ulysse is from France, and she is very fond of colored ropes. She was tied up in a few colors already, and today she will get 2 of her favorite rope colors: pink and white! She was so happy! Except for the pink ballgag, she did not really like that. But oh well, you can’t have it all!

Little Scarlet - cute

November 03, 2019

Little Scarlet is a cutie! She loves getting tied up! She has dreadlocks, like Helena last week, and it kind of matches the ropes we used. Scarlet struggled playfully on the bed, as she was getting more and more excited about this shoot! She even used some of the pictures on her Instagram (censored of course). She must have really liked the results! Go Scarlet!

Helena - shop assistant tied up

October 27, 2019

We saw Helena in a German clothing shop and she looked so stunning! We started talking and she turned out to be pretty kinky, although she had never been tied up before. We invited her over for a little test shoot and this is the result! Helena has perfect tieable boobs, and she looks awesome in rope! She is a struggler though, something we had not anticipated. Let’s hope she will be back for a more elaborate shoot!

Mistress Kristin - angry

October 20, 2019

Kristin is a Mistress and she is a very dominant person. She reluctantly agreed to be tied up, regretting it already after a few seconds. She thought she could easily break out of the ropes, but it is a pulled up box tie, and there is no escape from this tight tie. Kristin got more and more angry, demanding to be let out, she even got a hold of her whip and threatened us! We just gagged her, which made her furious! Watch out!

Little Caprice - bamboo

October 13, 2019

Little Caprice is probably one of our most popular models! She looks so amazing in rope, but sadly enough she never shoots any rope bondage except with us. She is tied with a big bamboo stick behind her elbows so her posture draws attention to her perfect cute boobs. Don’t miss this update with Little Caprice! Join now and download all of her other updates too!

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