Cindy Dollar - tight elbow hogtie in ballet heels

June 16, 2024

Beautiful Cindy Dollar is a tough one! She wanted to wear these red and black ballet boots in my studio. I said she could… if she would do a little hogtie for me. It turned out to be a super tight elbow bondage hogtie with a ballgag. Cindy was already expecting this, she has known me for over 10 years! There’s not many girls who can handle this extreme tie as beautifully as Cindy!!

Annika - detention

June 09, 2024

Annika may look cute, but she is actually very naughty. I had to tie her up and confine her to her bedroom. She is a brat! Annika loves touching herself, so she hates rope bondage. She tries to grind her huge stuffed eggplant (that sounded very wrong, but it’s true), but it didn’t really work. She complained so much I had to gag her with a cloth gag. Geez, she really is such a brat!!

Denise - zip tied

June 02, 2024

Cute young Denise is going to be the test subject for a zip tie bondage project. Using zip ties is so much faster than using rope, and they can be made tighter and tighter, which is a lot of fun to play with. I told Denise to zip tie her boobs tightly, and then I gave her a 2 inch zip tie ballgag! There is no way she can get these off without scissors, but I tied her elbows and wrists anyway, and THEN gave her the scissors. Can Denise escape these tight restraints?

Yelena - elbow talent hogtied

May 26, 2024

The most elbow tieable girl at the moment is Yelena! The proud Eastern European girl is not a diva, she is super friendly and easy going! She lets herself get tied up by me time after time, as she is my elbow muse, and I like working with her a lot! Yelena keeps coming back for more, she loves a good stretch, and she knows she will always get elbow tied by me. Hogtied in beautiful rope, Yelena can’t help but smile, she is so happy when she gets elbow tied!

Lil Missy - elbow tie escape challenge

May 19, 2024

It is impossible, but Lil Missy wanted to try it anyway: an elbow tie escape challenge. Her forearms are just too long to reach the knots, so that will not work, but Missy had another plan: struggle very wildly, hoping something would loosen up. Hmm, she may have a point there. Don’t worry, she didn’t get out. All she did was exhaust herself and drool all over the bed!

Aubrey - hopping on the treadmill

May 12, 2024

Making playmate model Aubrey hop on the treadmill was one of my highlights this week! She is so beautiful, and I am still amazed I get to tie her up on a regular basis, to challenge her with all kinds of silly ideas. Aubrey loves it though, she is very competitive, and she was determined to go very fast on the treadmill, hopping along with her legs tightly tied. How fast can she go?

Jada Sparks - passion fruit

May 05, 2024

I bought this rope at a convention and the seller was advertising this color as ‘passion fruit’. Jada loved the color when she saw it, so I tied her up with this rope. It looks very good on her indeed! The box tie made Jada very vulnerable, and she realized her huge boobs were up for grabs. I quickly gagged her with a ballgag, and started to tease her by groping her enormous breasts. Jada did not like that at all, but there wasn’t much she could do about it now!

Zoey Ziptie - balancing act

April 28, 2024

Zoey Ziptie is back! I tied her boobs to the ceiling, because she LOVES getting her boobs tied with rope. The broad strap 2 inch ballgag was keeping her quiet (kind of) and she was balancing carefully in her black high heels. Her crotch rope was also tied to the ceiling! I kept wondering what would happen if I would remove her heels. Zoey was crazy enough to try it, kicking off her heels, making the crotch rope dig deep and pulling very hard on her boobs. She quickly tried putting her heels back on again, but I grabbed them and threw them further away. Now Zoey was struggling to stay on her toes in the cruel crotch rope and boob ropes!!

Sylvie versus the FoToRo ribbon

April 21, 2024

I printed this really nice red FoToRo ribbon and supermodel Sylvie was in the studio to do a few promo shots. She was teasing me a lot with sexy poses and glances, even putting her arms behind her back for me to tie her up! Now, ribbon is very mean, it knots really flat (to the point where you can’t open it anymore), and super tight! It’s not very wise to tie someone with ribbon. But beautiful Sylvie kept insisting… so I did an elbow tie on her, which of course went VERY tight. Don’t try this at home!

Little Lanta - vulnerable

April 14, 2024

Oh no! Little Lanta is pretzel tied to the bed! Now she is very vulnerable, her sensitive spots are all up for grabs and on display! Let’s hope no one will come along and start groping her. Well, I may have messed with Lanta a little bit. She is so cute and helpless, it’s hard not to tease her in this compromising position. What would you do if you found Little Lanta like this?

Denise - hogtie pulled up

April 07, 2024

‘What is this ring for!!’, Denise jumped naked into the studio with her body already half tied. She is always so enthusiastic! I hogtied her quickly, because she loves hogties, but it was only when I pulled her up by the ring, she started to be excited and exhausted at the same time. It was quite a hard position, but Denise can take anything! She will still keep coming back for more, with her unlimited positive energy!

Emily Addams - the frustration!

March 31, 2024

German submissive Emily Addams is tied spread eagle to the bed. She is gagged with a 2 inch purple gag too! I dangled a magic wand from above, barely touching her, and then turned it on. Emily desperately tries to touch the wand with her clit, but every time she moves toward the wand, she bumps it away. There’s not enough contact time to give her any pleasure at all. Emily gets more and more frustrated, she really wants to have an orgasm, but it’s impossible!!

Darina Nikitina - don't drop it!

March 24, 2024

Darina Nikitina finds herself in a terrible predicament. Her arms lifted up in a strappado tie, she is holding a strapless ballgag in her mouth. The gag is attached to her nipple clamps, and it is pretty heavy because of the steel bolt and ring. She will have to hold on to this gag, because if she lets go… it will hurt a LOT! The crotch rope is distracting her, and she starts drooling more and more, making it harder to grip the ball with her mouth. Will she drop it? Let’s hope not!

Elizabeth hates clover clamps

March 17, 2024

Elizabeth now hates clover clamps, due to a painful mishap on MetalBondage.com. She has super sensitive nipples anyway, so it is a huge challenge for her to get clamped. Corsetted and crotch roped, Elizabeth is a bit scared of what is to come. She gets boxtied and tied to the wall, wearing a big mouth plug deep inside her harness gag. And yes… there they are again: the clover clamps. Elizabeth suffers and drools, until the moment comes when I take off the clamps. She might hate wearing clamps, but taking them off is the worst sting!!

Curvy Ra gets hogtied

March 10, 2024

Curvy Ra is back and I tied her boobs again! Just like last time. But this time, I also hogtied her, because it is a lot of fun to see her wriggle around. She is an experienced bondage model, and she gets tied up a lot! She was a little disappointed I didn’t use pink rope last time (because she had pink hair), so I used it this time. It looks so good! Just a naked curvy girl rolling around in ropes! The hogtie was pretty easy, so she escaped after a little struggle. No problem, next time I will tie her up a lot tighter!

Yelena - so flexible

March 03, 2024

Yelena is so flexible! She can be elbow tied for an unlimited amount of time, which is very rare. Her slender arms and former dance training make this possible. She has very flexible shoulders. ‘Oh, and I can also do the splits’, she mentioned casually. That’s crazy! Her legs are flexible too?? Yelena keeps surprising me!

Eva - escape challenge

February 25, 2024

Can Eva escape this tie? She will be hogtied on the floor with her arms bound tightly together. Eva is a very experienced rope girl, but these are ropes have no stretch in them at all! She is tightly gagged as well. Eva struggles and moans while she tries to escape. I think she liked this a lot! Maybe she did not even want to escape?

Azul - elbow bound in prison

February 18, 2024

No matter what hair color the girls have when they come to the studio, I have the ropes to match it!! Azul is a very colorful tiny Mexican girl, and this time she had pink hair! I tied her in a super tight elbow bondage and locked her in the prison. Azul is amazing, she doesn’t do much bondage, but she should! Completely naked and tightly tied with her elbows touching, she was in my jail for a while. I can’t wait to have her back for more… let’s see what hair color she will have next time!

Cleo is trying to get comfortable

February 11, 2024

Cleo’s big tits are tied and that is still a very new sensation to her. It is so tight! I hogtied her, and Cleo was lying on her tied boobs, which was very uncomfortable. She struggled to turn to her side, but it was very exhausting to hold that position. Shifting from her side to her stomach, Cleo tried to deal with her hogtie as best she could. She is so tieable!!

Marina Gold likes to tease

February 04, 2024

Even when she is tied up, Marina Gold loves teasing me. It’s like she is challenging me! What does she want? More bondage? A gag? A magic wand? Does she want to give me a blowjob? Marina drools on her boobs and then rubs it all over the bed. I think she is just having fun wriggling about in her ropes. She seems to get very aroused by bondage!!

Denise - hogtied Hooters girl

January 28, 2024

Denise! She is one of my local models and she is always ready for more bondage! Denise is young but already super experienced in bondage, she is very flexible too! She is wearing a Hooters uniform, and I tied her shirt up so her big natural boobs are exposed. Then she went into an arched hogtie (with a gag) and Denise just loved it! So much fun to tie with her, she’s so bubbly! Do you want a custom video with Denise? She’s up for anything! Just email me at webmaster@tieable.com!

Yelena - elbow bondage strappado

January 21, 2024

Yelena is getting better and better in bondage! She is so flexible! A year ago she was still very reserved and she had a bit of a dominant attitude. No one would tie her up! Look at her now, she really enjoys getting tied, especially if it is challenging enough. Yelena is also a very popular custom video model now, so if you want a video with her, just let me know!!

Coxy - the pantyhose project

January 14, 2024

Some fun with Playmate Coxy this week! She is dressed in a pantyhosed bodysuit, made out of two pantyhose, one on her legs and one on her body and arms. She thought it was very funny, and we had some more fun wrapping her up in some pink duct tape. I don’t know where I got the tape from but it is industrial strength tape, it is really hard to rip and it sticks very well. Good thing she was wearing a pantyhose bodysuit, this stuff would not have been nice to her beautiful skin!! Coxy had a lot of fun wriggling around on the floor! She already messaged me asking when our next shoot will be!

Mariam - desperate to escape

January 07, 2024

This standard box tie without cinch between the forearms is used very often, but I don’t think it is very secure. Especially with girls like Mariam, who love to struggle wildly! She is very determined and will not give up until her arms are out. Can she do it?

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