Alexandra - gagged and nipple clamped

October 16, 2022

This time, Alexandra gets into even more of a predicament than last time. She is crotch roped, and her nipples are clamped. To prevent her from removing the clamps, her arms are in an overhead tie. She is gagged too of course, and a fun struggle ensues, with Alexandra trying to get out of the ropes. She’s such a great model to work with! Can’t wait until she comes back for more challenges!

Anita - first time in rope

October 09, 2022

Anita was a bit curious about getting tied up. Now she is completely restrained in ropes and even harness gagged. She was a bit overwhelmed by the restrictive feeling, but she was mainly concerned if she still looked good on camera. So she managed to kick off her heels and HOP to the mirror to look at herself. Anita liked what she saw! She might come back to do more rope soon!

Ivy Red - exposed

October 02, 2022

Bondage model Ivy is one of my new favorite girls to tie up! She is so easy to work with and she is always curious what is going to happen to her next. This time, she is going to be tied wide open on the papasan chair. Look at her surprised face! Ivy did not realize she was going to be THIS exposed. It’s a very helpless and vulnerable position for this stunning new model. Enjoy the picture set and video clip! Ivy is also available for custom pictures and videos, just write me!

Cherry English - cute elbow bondage struggle

September 25, 2022

Cherry English always gets tied up in very hard positions! Check out her updates by clicking here. She is so cute and flexible, and she loves bondage, so it’s a lot of fun to give her a good challenge. She struggles and drools all over the floor, tied in pretty rope. Her wrists are connected to her crotch rope, so maybe that’s why she had so much fun!

Lili's first elbow tie

September 18, 2022

Your first elbow tie… you will always remember it. Such a strange feeling to have your arms tied so tight your elbows are touching. Your arms become one. It’s impossible to escape, because your hands can’t reach the knot. Lili did very well! She was very confused, but she said afterwards that she loved the stretch she got from it, and that she wants to try more bondage soon! Perhaps with her friend Nelly!

Bella - crossed wrist box tie

September 11, 2022

Over 10 years ago, I met Bella and we did a little bit of bondage. Today, she is back, looking better than ever, and she says she’s ready to escape whatever I throw at her. So I tied her in this blue rope crossed wrist box tie, and let her struggle for a while. What a woman! She is so fit and eager, and a very very kind person too. I am lucky to have such friends!

Lucy Lauren - tied on the table

September 04, 2022

Lucy Lauren! She is so much fun to tie! This cute UK girl loves to wriggle and struggle, she will try to escape so you have to tie her well! This box tie and frog tie is perfect for her, and putting her on the table limits her wriggle room a bit. Lucy had so much fun, she wanted to be tied up again right after this shoot!!

Denise - tight latex pants, tight latex gag

August 28, 2022

Denise is so cute! This young bondage models is always getting into trouble. This time she showed up in tight latex leggings. I added some gloves and a tight latex ballgag. Now she was ready for some rope work, her big natural boobs got tied of course. And Denise even got her elbows together! She’s not super flexible, so that was very challenging, but she did it! Struggling and drooling, Denise tried to wriggle out of her ropes, but it was impossible. Poor Denise!

Cindy Dollar - no shower

August 21, 2022

Cindy Dollar wanted to take a shower, but I wanted to tie her up. We reached a compromise: I wouldn’t tie her wrists so she could still use her hands and have a shower. But her elbows were tied together so tightly, Cindy couldn’t reach the shower. She tried and tried, but it was impossible. And then she got gagged as well. I think she was mad at me. But we had a deal!!

South - professional swimmer's first elbow tie

August 14, 2022

South is flexible! This tall girl is very fit, and she is trying her first elbow bondage today. They go all the way together, which is always very beautiful on girls with long slender arms. Gagged and a bit suprised at the super tight bondage, South moves around, trying to struggle a little against this new feeling. Having your elbows tied is very exciting, especially for the first time!

Nelly - no fitness

August 07, 2022

Aah Nelly! Our favorite reluctant girl… every time she thinks we stopped bothering her, we grab her again and tie her up. Today, Nelly wanted to do her fitness exercises in peace. Well, she got some exercise, but not the kind she wanted! A tight reverse prayer, and her toes tied to her hair! She couldn’t move much at all, but her muscles still got a workout!

Elizabeth - tight corset

July 31, 2022

Wow, this corset is tight! Elizabeth looks amazing! Time to give her a challenge by tying her up even more tightly, with a box tie! A harness panel gag will keep her from complaining about the tightness, but that’s probably not even necessary, because Elizabeth LOVES bondage! The struggle is exciting to her. Not easy to keep up the energy with restricted breathing, but Elizabeth can handle it! She is available for custom videos too!

Denise - penis gag hogtie

July 24, 2022

My model Denise is perfect for custom requests! She is bendy, with tieable boobs, and she loves bondage! Denise even loves gags! In this member request, she is crotch roped and harnessed before being put in a tight hogtie. Then a penis gag and blindfold are added, and Denise is left like this. Drooling and not sure when she will be released, it was very exciting for her! Do you want a custom shoot with Denise, or do you have a member request for her? No problem, Denise would love to do it! Email me at webmaster@tieable.com!

Alisa's first boob tie

July 17, 2022

Beautiful playmate Alisa! She is back again, and this time she will experience something new: a breast tie! Alisa never had her boobs tied in her life, and she wasn’t so sure about it. But she shouldn’t worry, it looks amazing on her! With her elbows and wrists tied behind her, Alisa tries to struggle and shake, but the ropes are annoyingly inescapable. Don’t miss this beauty, join now to download ALL videos and picture sets!

Roxy - chicken wing

July 10, 2022

Roxy from BoundLife.com!! She is so cute! And very flexible! Did you know that Roxy can be tied with her elbows together? And then her arms can be pulled up to a position called ‘chicken wing’? She is amazing! And yes, she can also handle a 2 inch gag, even though she is quite small. I tied her to the wall, so all she could do is wait there to be released. Not an easy position!

Rosie Mot - tied to the prison bars

July 03, 2022

Rosie Mot with her rocket boobs! She is back and she needs more bondage! Well, let’s tie her up in a box tie so her breasts are exposed and on display. Then anchor the box tie to the prison bars and tie one leg to the bars. The other leg is pulled up and Rosie is struggling to keep her balance on one foot. She is wearing high heels, so that’s not easy. A perfect predicament for our booby glamour girl!

Captured Kerry - strappado

June 26, 2022

The awesome Captured Kerry is back for more rope! She gets a full body harness and a crotch rope in thin green rope. Her boobs are tied and her elbows are pulled together. This thin rope is harsh, but you know Kerry: she loves ultra tight bondage! Her arms are pulled up in a strappado and she gets gagged with a big white ballgag. Isn’t Kerry just the best?

Medusa hogtied

June 19, 2022

Remember the awesome Medusa? She was spread eagled on the bed before, and now she just needs to be hogtied! This strong girl is so fierce, it is a pleasure to tie her up and challenge her. Medusa loves a challenge, and a strict box tie quickly evolved into a hogtied position on the floor. Gagged and helpless, Medusa didn’t give up easily, she is a strong struggler!

Alexis Luna - chastity belt and ropes

June 12, 2022

Strong girl Alexis Luna is here for a hogtie challenge! She is locked in a chastity belt as well, which makes the challenge a bit harder. But as you can probably tell, Alexis is incredibly fit and tough! She can handle a lot of hard bondage, and she loves getting hogtied and gagged. Enjoy this muscular bodybuilder’s challenge, she is awesome!

Nikki Riddle - elbow bondage hogtie

June 05, 2022

Nikki Riddle is a very flexible girl! She can do elbow ties, meaning her elbows can go all the way together. I love it when girls can do this, even though they don’t think it is fair. Because flexible girls get harder ties. Well, tough luck for Nikki, who gets hogtied with a tight elbow tie, then her ankles are tied to her back and the harness gag is tied to her ankles too. There’s not much struggling room left for her, but she tries anyway. Nikki is a new favorite, what a great rope bunny!

Lori seems to have fallen over

May 29, 2022

MILF Lori is a gorgeous woman. She is box tied and that’s already a hard challenge for her. She has never been tied before! Her kimono is tied open, revealing her large boobs. While struggling, Lori falls over and she can’t seem to get up anymore. What a pity, we will just have to watch her struggle a bit!

Nina - oiled up in green rope

May 22, 2022

The wonderful Nina! She will try a reverse prayer, including a crotch rope, and frog tied legs. That’s going to be a struggle! Her beautiful body is all oiled up, but that won’t help her. The ropes are too tight! She looks amazing in this crazy struggle, don’t miss the video clip and picture set!

Naomi Denise - awesome new girl

May 15, 2022

Naomi Denise is a tough girl, a stripper, and a submissive! All in one! She can bend and she loves a challenge! Not a bad find. I tied her on the bed in a good arched hogtie, and then attached her harness gag to the bed as well. Naomi Denise is one of my new favorites, there will be so many things we can do together, and I can’t wait to see what else she can do! She’s local to me, so also available for custom shoots!!

Mila - secretary tied up

May 08, 2022

Mila is a beautiful redhead and actually a good secretary! If she isn’t tied up. Because tied secretaries are pretty useless, but great fun to watch! Mila gets very frustrated at the fact we always use a 2 inch ball for her. Never a small gag. Because she has such a large mouth! She can’t take it out anyway, because she is box tied. Her ankles and knees are tied too, so she could only try to hop away, but that’s a bit risky in these heels. Fun times!

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