Lily - Flexible girl box tied

June 02, 2013

There is so much we can do with Lily! But we decided to start her off easy and let her legs free, to make her show off her amazing flexibility! The crotch rope is a nice touch, it may be the reason why Lily asked to come back for some more bondage!

Ruth Medina - Pink

May 26, 2013

Funny Venezuelan star Ruth Medina has never been in rope bondage before. She clearly has to get used to the restrictiveness of the pink ropes, but her elbows go together so easily! A pink ballgag completes this great set!

Brittany - Hogtied on the floor

May 19, 2013

Our dear Brittany finds herself hogtied on the floor! The beautiful blonde makes some futile struggle attempts, and then admits she is really stuck. Red rope and blonde girls, not a bad combination!

Coxy - First time in rope bondage

May 12, 2013

She is in all the big magazines, but never was she tied up in rope! That is a shame, because Coxy’s elbows go together behind her back without any effort! She might be the biggest bondage talent we ever found!

Jenni C - Hogtied to a wooden beam

May 05, 2013

Jenni C! If you don’t tie her up really good, she will kick your ass and run out of the house! She can be dangerous, and she will always try to escape. To stop her from falling off the bed, we roped her to the ceiling, making her hogtie a little more severe!

Satin Bloom - Struggling

April 28, 2013

Satin Bloom told us: ‘no one ties me up!’. Well, we somehow managed to do just that, and now she is angry! That doesn’t help her, because now we are too scared to untie her. Let her cool down for a while!

Natalia Forrest - Bound in blue

April 21, 2013

UK glamour babe Natalia Forrest can’t believe she has been tied up! The blue ropes are holding her wrists, ankles, knees, and elbows together! Superb couch struggling by one of our favourite rope victims!

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