Little Caprice - Strict elbow harness tie

December 15, 2013

Little Caprice is not happy with the strict shoulder harness that is bringing her elbows very close together. Needless to say, she tries to escape… and she does a real good job… until she realises that she can never untie her own elbows!

Tammy - First time in rope bondage

December 08, 2013

Young Tammy wanted to try rope bondage, so we put her in a blue box hogtie! She is a struggler! Next time we will have to tie her up even better!

Coxy - Tied up and silk gagged

December 01, 2013

Gorgeous Coxy finds herself all tied up and gagged on the kitchen floor! This time however, it looks like her captor was nice to her, providing a nice soft pink blanket and a soft silk cleave gag instead of the usual ballgag! How considerate!

Birdy Dee - Pink ropes and ballgag

November 24, 2013

Scottish fetish model Birdy Dee, all tied up in pink! A pink ballgag makes sure she does not complain about it.

Lily - Hogtie arch

November 17, 2013

Our flexible girl Lily is hogtied in an extreme back arch, but she still tries to escape!

Satin Bloom - Crotch rope struggle

November 10, 2013

A naked Satin Bloom tied in purple ropes, her crotch rope makes this struggle a lot more interesting!

Chloe - First time hogtied

November 03, 2013

Beautiful tiny blonde girl Chloe is hogtied for the very first time in her life!

Little Caprice - Into pink rope bondage

October 27, 2013

Yes, that’s correct! We have Little Caprice and we tied her up in pink rope! We even gagged her with a shiny pink ballgag! This girl is gorgeous, and even more so in pink rope bondage!

Coxy - Red ropes and gag

October 20, 2013

Coxy struggling in red ropes and a shiny ballgag!

Lily - Reverse prayer

October 13, 2013

A reverse prayer for our flexible gymnast babe Lily! Let’s see if she still enjoys being flexible after an hour of this!

Birdy Dee - Purple strappado hogtie

October 06, 2013

Scottish bondage model Birdy Dee is completely helpless in this purple rope strappado hogtie! A big black ballgag makes sure she keeps quiet about her difficult predicament!

Brittany - Yellow bound

September 29, 2013

The beautiful blonde Brittany! We captured her and tied her to the bed with her arms and legs spread! The gorgeous yellow rope really gives this glamour set a unique look! Will she escape? She is a struggler!

Satin Bloom - Spreadeagled and struggling

September 22, 2013

The incredibly sexy Satin Bloom is in trouble again! She is completely helpless, tied spreadeagled on the bed, but she is such a great struggler! We were afraid she would break the bed!

Coxy - Overhead tie

September 15, 2013

Poor blonde Coxy is tied up in a very compromising position! Her arms are tied overhead to the back of her chest harness! This will make struggling very exhausting for her!

Yasmine - Frogtied in purple

September 08, 2013

Gorgeous Greek girl Yasmine is tied up on her bed in beautiful purple ropes! Her legs are frogtied (ankle to thigh) so she can not run from us! Great struggling!

Vanessa - Struggle in black

September 01, 2013

Red rope looked great on Vanessa, so now it is time to try on some black! Vanessa is still not very happy being tied up, so she struggles as hard as she can to get herself out of the sturdy elbow/shoulder tie. No chance! But it is nice to see her try so we get some good ropemarks on this glamour girl!

Ruth - Hogtied in blue

August 25, 2013

Ruth is one of those girls who is never to sure about getting tied up. You can see it in her eyes, but once she gets into it, she has more fun than anyone else we know! See her bound up beautiful blue ropes, hogtied to the ceiling so she can not wriggle off the couch by accident!

Jenni C - A pretty efficient box tie

August 18, 2013

Jenni C all tied up in the old house! She likes light bondage, but this was one step too far for her! Struggling to reach any knots, Jenni is all over the couch, her upper body tightly bound in a boob squeezing box tie and her legs and ankles wrapped and cinched!

Natalia Forrest - Ring gag and pink rope

August 11, 2013

The beautiful Natalia Forrest in an interesting pink rope tie and a tight leather ring gag! Gorgeous setting for a bondage afternoon!

Lily - Bondage exercises

August 04, 2013

Our flexible gymnast model Lily is tied up and gagged (on screen!). She seems really curious about how much of her daily exercises she can still do in her frogtied position with her elbows tied together. This is incredible: gagged bondage yoga, you have never seen this before!

Brittany - Stuck in the bath

July 28, 2013

Hot blonde Brittany is tied up in the bath tub! The ropes are really tight, but she does not give up easily. She will eventually escape, leaving some really long lasting rope marks on her pretty body!

Satin Bloom - Frogtied

July 21, 2013

We tied Satin Bloom in a very interesting way, just to try it out! Frogtied in pink ropes, she can not stretch her arms and her legs, it is great to watch her struggle on the couch like this!

Coxy - Gagged and roped

July 14, 2013

Okay, so Coxy doesn’t like ballgags… but we strap a shiny red one onto her anyway, because WE like ballgags. She is not going to stop us, not with her elbows, hands, knees, and ankles tied in a classic straightforward way. Lovely struggle!

Jenni C - Afternoon punishment in blue

July 07, 2013

The gorgeous Jenni C tied to the bed, spread eagle style! The color coordination of her panties and the rope is fabulous! She is completely helpless and defenseless, but that doesn’t stop her from struggling!

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