Tiffany - bedroom

The lovely Tiffany! What would you do if you found her like this? All tied up, with her wrists over her head. Her legs are frogtied so she can’t stand up or run away. It is a very vulnerable position! Tiffany wriggled and squirmed, but the harder she pulled on the rope, the tighter they went. It was impossible for her to reach any knots. She is so stunning! I’m so glad she is back again!

Tiffany - very tight

Tiffany! All this time she was able to hide her elbow bondage skills from us! We have never tied her elbows together because we thought she couldn’t do it. But she can! She is a bondage super talent, because she can ALSO do a reverse prayer. That is very rare! Tiffany wasn’t as excited about all this as we were, of course, elbow bondage is very tight and strict and this is her first time. She struggled a bit but she could barely move. We are so glad we discovered her secret!

Tiffany - overhead bondage

Gorgeous Tiffany is in for a real challenge! Overhead bondage may seem easy compared to her earlier ordeals like reverse prayers and elbow bondage, but it gets exhausting really fast and struggling is very difficult. That being said, she looks amazing in blue ropes! Enjoy the pictures and video of Tiffany in this hard position!

Tiffany - reverse prayer breast bondage

It had to be done! We tied Tiffany quite a few times, and we never used rope around her boobs. She did not like the idea, and she was afraid it would look silly. Well, we still did it, and it looked amazing of course. Tiffany just has perfect natural tieable boobs. We also put her in a reverse prayer, which is an awesome skill we didn’t even know she possessed. Reverse prayer breast bondage is so great, no matter what Tiffany thinks ;)

Tiffany - shades of mint

Ooooh we love when a model matches her underwear to the rope color! And Tiffany is an expert in that! Wow those mint green panties match our rope perfectly! “Do you want me to wear the bra too?”, she asked. No thanks, you’re fine. We don’t want to miss a chance to look at those gorgeous boobs tied up!! Tiffany is hogtied of course, and left to struggle, so we can study this perfect color match!

Tiffany - Box tied on the couch

The gorgeous Tiffany is completely defenseless, tied in red ropes around her awesome boobs! But wait, can she get her legs free? Or is it just a futile struggle that is giving her false hope?

Tiffany - Hogtie predicament

Super hot babe Tiffany is tied in hemp ropes, and balanced precariously on a box! She is hogtied very tightly, the ropes are holding her almost completely still, which is good, because too much struggling and she might really hurt herself! Do not try this at home, always tie up your girls on the floor!