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Liz Rainbow - rope fun

Liz is always ready to get tied up! She is so happy in bondage! We tied her in this fun shape, with her elbows tied and her hands to her sides. This left Liz some room to struggle, but she couldn’t get out. Gagged and collared, Liz had a great time wriggling in her tight ropes! She is just so much fun!

Freya - mouth rope predicament

This is a very evil predicament. Freya’s wrists are tied to a mouth rope. She has to keep her wrists up to avoid pulling on the rope too much, but she soon gets tired from struggling. What can she do? It’s a real predicament!

Yasmine - extreme wall chicken wing

The wonderful playmate model Yasmine keeps coming back! Is it just us or is she prettier every time? Her boobs have grown a bit, it seems! It would be a shame to put her in a hogtie and hide those from view. So we tried one of the most brutal rope bondages yet for Yasmine: an arched hogtie, combined with a chicken wing tie! This way we can see her boobs and Yasmine can’t go anywhere! If you want to see this stunning girl tied up in many different ways, join now! She is even available for custom videos, where she will even do more extreme challenges like gags and clamps! Definitely worth considering!

Maddie - perfect breast bondage boobs

We found this new girl Maddie and we just had to tie her up! She was not very keen on it at first, having no experience with bondage. But she is just so perfect we made a lot of effort to convince her. Maddie is a slim girl with huge natural boobs! We just had to get some rope around those, and watch her struggle. Maddie got really into it at the end, she felt safe and had a lot of fun! We hope to see her back soon, because this kind of body is rare and there are so many things we can do with her!