Archive for June 2019

Hogtie predicament for Astrid

Astrid is precariously hogtied on a fitness bench. There is not a lot of room on there, so she has to keep still! But being in this very strict hogtie with a huge ballgag isn’t easy, and after some time, Astrid wants to wriggle a little, or shift her position. The tight elbow tie is exhausting her and she is drooling. This is a better workout than any fitness exercise this bench has ever seen!

Overhead tie for Melisa Mendini

The famous Melisa Mendini is back for more bondage! If you want to see her in ropes, this is the only place to see that, because Melisa does not shoot any other rope bondage content with other producers. She is so stunning! Today, we tie her in a really helpless position: the overhead tie. She is completely exposed and vulnerable. Melisa loves doing kinky shoots, and she always looks hot in rope!

Reverse prayer hogtie

We visited cute student Maya in her dorm room, because she emailed us again about making some modelling money by getting tied up! We tied her before, and we noticed she can take incredibly tight ties! This time, we folded her arms the other way, in a reverse prayer, before putting her in a hogtie. Maya struggled and drooled, but she knew there was no chance of escaping this!

Olga Cabaeva - a new challenge

Olga loved her reverse prayer last time, but she could still sit up and struggle (even though her legs were frogtied). She requested a harder challenge this time, a hogtie, so she wouldn’t be able to sit up! She is crazy, and she struggles madly, so we always have to tie her up very tight. Last time, we did not gag her, but today we are using a big ballgag to add to her challenge. Olga says she just loves the feeling of squirming around helplessly, all gagged and bound! We are pretty sure she will be back for more soon!

Jasmin - police officer chair tied

Office Jasmin is captured and tied to a chair! She is in a creepy room, and she would love to escape but even her legs are tied to the chair so she can’t even hop her way to the door. She is very tightly secured with ropes, her captor definitely knew what he was doing! Will someone come and save this poor police officer?