Olga Cabaeva

Olga Cabaeva - displayed

We built this platform just for Olga! She is going to be tied to it, her ankles will be tied to an overhead bar, and her arms will be in front of her. There’s no way to escape this, especially when we tie her harness gag to the bar as well. Olga wriggles and drools, but she is just stuck here, on display for everyone to see. Would you put this piece of art in your house? It’s a bit drooly but beautiful to look at!

Olga Cabaeva - mega drool hogtie

We tied Olga Cabaeva in a chicken wing hogtie. It’s hard to tell what she thinks of this position, because we gagged her with a 2 inch harness ballgag. Soon, the drool starts flowing uncontrollably, and Olga is powerless to stop it. She drools and drools, trying to struggle her way out of the ropes, but there’s no chance. Her arms are pinned behind her back and she can’t get to any knots. After this shoot, Olga had to drink a lot of water, for all the fluids she lost!!

Olga Cabaeva - drooly gymnastics

We tied Olga Cabaeva in yellow rope! She is so flexible and she loves a good struggle. But this time, we have a special harness gag for her: the ball has holes in it, making it extra drooly! As Olga is trying to struggle (and show off her gymnastics skills), she can’t help herself drooling all over the place. She had a lot of bondage fun, and she needed a towel and a big bottle of water after this shoot! Always great to shoot with this girl!

Olga Cabaeva - a new challenge

Olga loved her reverse prayer last time, but she could still sit up and struggle (even though her legs were frogtied). She requested a harder challenge this time, a hogtie, so she wouldn’t be able to sit up! She is crazy, and she struggles madly, so we always have to tie her up very tight. Last time, we did not gag her, but today we are using a big ballgag to add to her challenge. Olga says she just loves the feeling of squirming around helplessly, all gagged and bound! We are pretty sure she will be back for more soon!

Olga Cabaeva loves good tie

This girl Olga is so much fun! She kept asking when she was going to get tied up, as if she couldn’t wait. We tied her in a nice little reverse prayer, and then frogtied her legs too, so she could go wild with her struggles. Olga loves struggling! Don’t miss this update, she is just great!