Nikki Riddle – elbow bondage hogtie

Nikki Riddle is a very flexible girl! She can do elbow ties, meaning her elbows can go all the way together. I love it when girls can do this, even though they don’t think it is fair. Because flexible girls get harder ties. Well, tough luck for Nikki, who gets hogtied with a tight elbow tie, then her ankles are tied to her back and the harness gag is tied to her ankles too. There’s not much struggling room left for her, but she tries anyway. Nikki is a new favorite, what a great rope bunny!

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  • Posted 3 months ago

    This set is great and even better than a similar set with Vanessa. I like the crossed legs and the emotion on Nikki’s face!

    by Steve on March 15, 2024 4:46 pm | Reply

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