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Edita - no hopping

Edita insists on wearing high heels all the time. That didn’t work out very well for her in this case. As we tied her, she was sitting on the chair, thinking she could escape by hopping away. But hopping in high heels is almost impossible. So instead of getting away, Edita was pretty much stuck to the chair. She had to be careful not to fall, but even so she wriggled and moaned a lot! You shouldn’t have worn those heels, Edita!

Valentina Bianco - harness gag to elbows

Our extremely talented model Valentina Bianco is back for some more elbow slamming! She can be tied with her elbows all the way together and raised to a chicken wing position. We tied her harness gag to her elbow rope so she couldn’t look down. It was a brilliant struggle! Valentina is so cute and tough at the same time!

Rachel Adams - tight hogtie

This is a true story: Rachel Adams actually asked me to tie her in a tight hogtie after seeing a little statue of a hogtie torture method in a museum. Yep. She got all excited and wanted me to tie her just as tight as the statue she had seen. I did my best, and I think we got kind of close. Rachel was very happy in her super tight hogtie! She said next time I should try to make it even tighter! She is just the best!!

Lera - tied up at the abandoned building

Lera is always in for abandonment fantasies! It’s what she loves most. Remember when we tied her up all alone in the woods? This time we took her to this creepy abandoned building and tied her spread eagle to the structure. We used lots of rope so she would be totally helpless. Lera loves fantasizing about being left all vulnerable, waiting for someone to find her. She is such a great model to work with!