Valentina Bianco

Valentina Bianco - extreme hogtie

Our talented Italian girl is back for another challenge! Valentina Bianco gets tied in a chicken wing hogtie, and it is not an easy one! Her head gets tied back from her harness gag to her elbows, and there is not much she can do except to try and hold this position. With her amazing flexibility, she can do elbow ties and back arches, so we always test her to the limit. In a way it’s not fair: models who are not this flexible are never tied up in these extreme hogties. It’s a skill and a curse for poor Valentina!

Valentina Bianco - harness gag to elbows

Our extremely talented model Valentina Bianco is back for some more elbow slamming! She can be tied with her elbows all the way together and raised to a chicken wing position. We tied her harness gag to her elbow rope so she couldn’t look down. It was a brilliant struggle! Valentina is so cute and tough at the same time!

Valentina Bianco - reverse prayer struggles

Tiny Italian model Valentina Bianco is very flexible. More flexible than she even knew! We tied her in a reverse prayer, and her hands go really high, she could easily touch her collar! But spending a long time in a reverse prayer is not what she wanted. So she tried to get out. A beautiful struggle with her hands pinned firmly in place! We just love reverse prayer struggles! So helpless!