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Arabella - back for more

The incredible Arabella is back for more bondage! I always tie her boobs, because they are SO tieable!! But Arabella doesn’t have just one of the 3 holy bondage grails (tieable boobs), she has ALL three! Huge mouth for 2 inch gags (and more!) and hyper flexible arms for that tight elbow bondage! Arabella can come back whenever she likes, what a girl!

Lucy Lauren - red ropes

One of the best struggles is back! Lucy Lauren loves bondage and she especially loves wriggling around in ropes! She is bit gagged and tied with red ropes on the bed, ready for a fun struggle! Lucy Lauren is so wild, she needs to be tied up very well, or she will wriggle free. Check the video to see if she got out of this tie! Wonderful energy!

Medusa - bed spread

Medusa is visiting me for the first time and right away she gets tied to the bed, completely nude and spread open with knee ropes. Quite a rough welcome! Don’t worry, Medusa loves a challenge, and she doesn’t mind to get exposed like this! What would you do if you found her like this?
Medusa had a great time, she said, she wants to come back for more bondage, what should I do to her next?

Olivia - tiny redhead's first bondage

Cute Olivia is so funny! She wants to try everything in my studio, and you will see her in metal, leather, handcuffs, and much more soon! She had never done any ropes either. She picked the green hemp rope, as most redheads do, because it is a fantastic color combination. She got tied in a box tie with a tight crotch rope. Her arms were tied to the crotch rope, so she would feel it with every struggle. Amazingly, Olivia can take a 2 inch gag! So a white ballgag was popped right in and I left her to struggle! So cute!