Lucy Lauren

Lucy Lauren - tied on the table

Lucy Lauren! She is so much fun to tie! This cute UK girl loves to wriggle and struggle, she will try to escape so you have to tie her well! This box tie and frog tie is perfect for her, and putting her on the table limits her wriggle room a bit. Lucy had so much fun, she wanted to be tied up again right after this shoot!!

Lucy Lauren - red ropes

One of the best struggles is back! Lucy Lauren loves bondage and she especially loves wriggling around in ropes! She is bit gagged and tied with red ropes on the bed, ready for a fun struggle! Lucy Lauren is so wild, she needs to be tied up very well, or she will wriggle free. Check the video to see if she got out of this tie! Wonderful energy!

Lucy Lauren - reverse prayer and nipple clamps

Beautiful Lucy Lauren is a bondage loving girl! She is very flexible too, and she actually challenged us to tie her in a reverse prayer. Lucy loves a challenge! She was so happy when she was tied up, wriggling and talking about how great she felt with her hands all the way up between her shoulders. Until we brought out the big 2 inch ballgag. Lucy couldn’t talk anymore, but she drooled a lot. The nipple clamps were a surprise too, she hates them, but there was nothing she could do now… Struggling too hard only made her nipples hurt more!

Lucy Lauren - tight arm bondage

Cute Lucy Lauren from the UK has done lots of bondage, she loves it! Let’s see if she can handle this tight arm bondage. There is no chance of escaping these ropes, but we know she will still try and struggle. A big gag makes her moan and drool as she curses the ropes (and the gag), trying to wriggle her way out. Of course, she can’t escape, but that makes it all the more fun to watch!

Lucy Lauren - jail strappado

Fun loving Lucy Lauren is back! Remember her amazing arched hogtie? She really can do some extreme positions! So today, we tied her to the prison cell in a mean strappado. Lucy is harness gagged and her head is held back by the ropes. She wanted to take off her shoes but then she realized that would make her strappado even more extreme, so she didn’t. Now she was balancing in heels, with nowhere to go, in a brilliant looking strappado tie! Don’t miss these struggles!

Lucy Lauren - bondage fun

Lucy Lauren loves bondage! You can see her smile when she is tied up really tight. Today, she will endure a tight elbow bondage hogtie with bent arms and a crotch rope. Lucy had the best time! She loves wriggling around on the floor, and the crotch rope probably made it even a little more enjoyable for her! Don’t miss this fun update with this cute girl from the UK! She will definitely be back for more!