Arabella grabbed

I love tying up Arabella! She has very tieable boobs and she can take enormous gags! Not sure if Arabella likes it as much, as I tease her a lot when she is tied up. I push her over, and I grab her boobs. She is helpless and can’t defend herself. Poor girl!

Arabella - back for more

The incredible Arabella is back for more bondage! I always tie her boobs, because they are SO tieable!! But Arabella doesn’t have just one of the 3 holy bondage grails (tieable boobs), she has ALL three! Huge mouth for 2 inch gags (and more!) and hyper flexible arms for that tight elbow bondage! Arabella can come back whenever she likes, what a girl!

Arabella - perfect reverse prayer

We have said it before: Arabella is the perfect bondage babe! She has it all! Extreme flexibility, very tieable boobs, and a huge mouth. What more can you ask for? Unfortunately, it means Arabella always gets tied up in the most extreme positions, the ones that other models can’t do. She also gets the biggest gags other models can’t do. Is that unfair? We don’t think so, we are trying to be nice to her, we even matched her rope to the wall color! Enjoy Arabella in a reverse prayer that is one of the highest you have ever seen!

Arabella - breast bondage

Arabella! Whenever we see her, we just have to tie up her beautiful boobs! She’s one of the most perfect bondage models in the world! Arabella has it all: super flexible arms for tight elbow bondage, big tieable soft boobs, and a huge mouth that can fit the biggest ballgags. We are always so happy to shoot with Arabella, but she is not so happy about all of her bondage skills and features. It means she gets more rope, stricter bondage, and tougher struggles than most models. Well, it’s her own fault for being such a huge bondage talent!

Arabella - boob bondage and reverse prayer

New girl Arabella has tieable boobs! If you have tieable breasts and you don’t like to get them tied, don’t come over here, because we WILL wrap them in ropes. Arabella still has to get used to bondage, but she can do a wicked reverse prayer and she can handle big gags. Add her tieable boobs to all of that, and you know we want her back as often as possible. Hopefully we can convert her in to a resident model, she really has it all!