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Denise - perfect sub

Denise is 18 years old and already the perfect submissive! She has three important natural skills! Her elbows go all the way together, her boobs are soft and big and can be tied, and she can handle huge ballgags. She didn’t even have to train for any of these perfect sub skills! Now she just needs to be trained in endurance, and maybe try to get less angry when she is tied up. Whoever will get her as a submissive is the luckiest person in the world!

Aubrey hogtied!

One of the most popular models on our website: the sexy cute Aubrey! What a girl! She is a bit strange, because she loves and hates bondage at the same time. She keeps writing us, and then she regrets it. The challenge is appealing to her, but when she finds out she can’t escape, she starts to hate her situation. It’s so funny to see! Watch this awesome Aubrey struggle now! She is getting very good at escaping!

Alisa - bed time

Beautiful Alisa is back for some more ropes! She looks amazing in blue! A box tie is very frustrating to Alisa, she doesn’t really like to have her boobs on display and up for grabs. She wriggles and complains but her arms are very much stuck. Poor Alisa, let’s hope no one will try to grab her big breasts! That would be terrible.

Lina Joy - hogtie novice

Lina Joy is very pretty, but with a harness ballgag she is even prettier, I think you will agree! She has never been hogtied before, so this is her genuine first time. I tied her elbows and her ankles, then pulled her wrists up a bit. Tying her harness gag to her cute toes was the finishing touch. Lina loved it! She wants to do more soon!