Aubrey - hopping on the treadmill

Making playmate model Aubrey hop on the treadmill was one of my highlights this week! She is so beautiful, and I am still amazed I get to tie her up on a regular basis, to challenge her with all kinds of silly ideas. Aubrey loves it though, she is very competitive, and she was determined to go very fast on the treadmill, hopping along with her legs tightly tied. How fast can she go?

Aubrey - beautiful damsel

Beautiful Aubrey gets tied up in classic white rope in a sitting position. Her legs are bound above the knees, below the knees, and at the ankles. She won’t run off very fast in those heels! Even more classic, a white cloth gag is added for that real old fashioned damsel-in-distress feeling. Aubrey is so stunning in bondage!

Coxy & Aubrey - double strappado predicament

I tied crotch ropes on beautiful girls Coxy and Aubrey! Naked playmates in crotch ropes are definitely a great start of the day, but it got even better! They were both wearing high heels, which gave me an idea: what about a double strappado predicament! I tied their wrists with the same rope, so they are both in a strappado, balancing in their platform heels. But Coxy is a little taller than Aubrey, so it’s an uneven fight. Aubrey keeps pulling her wrists down, raising Coxy’s arms really high. They can’t seem to reach an agreement, pulling each other up in a high strappado, struggling to keep their balance!

Aubrey hogtied!

One of the most popular models on our website: the sexy cute Aubrey! What a girl! She is a bit strange, because she loves and hates bondage at the same time. She keeps writing us, and then she regrets it. The challenge is appealing to her, but when she finds out she can’t escape, she starts to hate her situation. It’s so funny to see! Watch this awesome Aubrey struggle now! She is getting very good at escaping!

Aubrey - the chastity belt

‘Sure you can come tie me up again’, said Aubrey, ‘but I am locked in this chastity belt because of my home deal for ChastityBabes.com, is that a problem?’. Of course not! We would gladly come to your home to tie you up and have you walk around in ropes! Aubrey is stunning, anytime we can put ropes on her, we will! She is also available for custom shoots, if you want to really challenge her!

Aubrey wakes up tied to the cage

Aubrey wakes up tied on top of a cage! She is all stretched out and quite uncomfortable. She is very confused and tries to struggle but the ropes are holding down her waist, ankles, and wrists. It’s a very challenging position and she feels vulnerable. Let’s hope she can escape before her captor comes back!!

Aubrey - fit babe tied up

Aubrey is a fit girl! She loves putting her workout pictures on Instagram and she always looks stunning. But today she won’t be able to post anything. She is nude, which is probably not allowed, and she can’t even take a selfie. But worse yet, she can’t do any good exercises today. She is tied in a box tie, with her boobs tied all pointy and tight. She tries a few things on the floor and the treadmill, but it is very hard!!

Aubrey - gorgeous new girl

Believe it or not, we found Aubrey working in a local shop! She’s gorgeous! We asked her if she would be interested in a photo shoot. It’s always a bit hard to bring up the bondage subject, but once Aubrey was in our studio, she was quite happy about getting collared and tied. She is a natural sub! Where do we find these girls! Well, in a local shop… start checking the stores in your area now!