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Tess Lyndon - dreams come true

Sometimes girls don’t even know they can do a reverse prayer until they try it for this website! Tess Lyndon amazed us and herself by being able to pull off this very restrictive position. She is tied in red ropes on the bed. If she arches her back she can almost touch the padlock on her collar. But we didn’t tie her too tight, she can probably escape if she tries! Tess is so cute! She hasn’t changed a bit since we shot with her 4 years ago! Perfectly tieable and very pretty. Her tattoo says ‘dreams come true’. Perhaps they do!

Stella Cox elbow tied

Stella Cox is so flexible! Her elbows touch without any effort so she gets elbow tied all the time! That doesn’t mean she likes it though. She always moans and tries to wriggle her arms. Or maybe she doesn’t like her boobs tied with rope? We will have to guess, because Stella is gagged with a 52mm ballgag and it is not coming out! We love her moans and the drooling is great! One of the most perfect girls tied up and gagged, who would want to let her out! She needs to be in bondage forever!!!

Ulysse - wrists to knees

French sweetheart Ulysse is back! She is so much fun to tie up, a great struggler! And she likes to really try to get out! We tied her in a different way: wrists to her knees. Let’s see if Ulysse can escape this tie. If not, we will have a lot of fun watching her try anyway!

Ariel Anderssen - reverse prayer nurse

THE Ariel Anderssen is back! She was very excited to get tied up in this hospital setting, who doesn’t like a nurse in bondage! The tall blonde Ariel is famous for her reverse prayer skills, so we tied her in white ropes, hands up very high between her shoulders. A red and white gag matches her cute nurse outfit perfectly! All nurses should be tied like this all the time! Although that might not be super helpful, but it would certainly cheer us up!