Stella Cox

Stella Cox elbow tied

Stella Cox is so flexible! Her elbows touch without any effort so she gets elbow tied all the time! That doesn’t mean she likes it though. She always moans and tries to wriggle her arms. Or maybe she doesn’t like her boobs tied with rope? We will have to guess, because Stella is gagged with a 52mm ballgag and it is not coming out! We love her moans and the drooling is great! One of the most perfect girls tied up and gagged, who would want to let her out! She needs to be in bondage forever!!!

Stella Cox - flexible arms

One of the cutest submissives in the world returns: Stella Cox! Young, big natural boobs, submissive and very much into bondage. She loves being tied. And she is very flexible! Her reverse prayer skills are great, and she can definitely touch the back of her head in this position. It is a pleasure to tie her up! We would love to keep her forever, and do bondage with her every day, but as you may know she is quite busy with other things on the internet :)

Stella Cox - bondage super talent

Stella Cox is amazing! She can do it all: tightest elbow bondage, breast bondage, and much more. She can stay in bondage for so long, it’s unbelievable. Very fortunate are the ones that get to tie her up, she really genuinely loves being tied up so much! We tied Stella in a strict elbow bondage and chicken wing tie WITH a tight boob harness. She was as happy as she could be. A nice gag to make her drool, and we could just watch her for hours. So cute and talented!

Stella Cox - harness gag hogtied

Cute Stella is one of our favorite girls to tie up! She has really flexible arms and shoulders, so we can tie her elbows together, and she has big natural boobs for the best breast harness and tight boob bondage! But we wanted more, so we gagged her with a harness gag and tied her ankles to it. Don’t worry, Stella loved every minute of it, she is a true bondage fan. She even asked to come back already, to get tied up even more!

Stella Cox - ceiling ropes

Poor Stella Cox! She is gagged and tied up tight in red ropes. You can see she is getting really tired, and she wants to shift her position, or even lie down, but she can’t. Her boobs are tied to the ceiling with long ropes, tugging on her when she moves. Stella will have to remain in her kneeling position for a while longer. Drooling, she starts to plea through her gag. Will someone let her out soon?

Stella Cox - perfect prisoner

Everything about Stella Cox is just perfect. Huge natural boobs that can be tied, elbows are super flexible, and she can take a large ballgag. We just want to keep her forever! Good thing we have a prison cell, where we can keep the tightly bound Stella and look at her whenever we want. By the sound of her moaning, she really needs to go somewhere, but we won’t let her go for a while! It’s the famous Stella Cox tied up super tied in elbow bondage and breast bondage! Would you ever let her go?

Stella Cox - reverse prayer

It’s the world famous boobs of Stella Cox! The best tie to prevent her from covering them up is the reverse prayer, of course. Can Stella Cox do that? Yes, she is super flexible! Tied in blue ropes, she is completely defenseless, her big boobs exposed for anyone to grab. Stella did not think it was very funny though, she even gave us the finger, that earned her some more time in this position.