Tess Lyndon

Tess Lyndon - dreams come true

Sometimes girls don’t even know they can do a reverse prayer until they try it for this website! Tess Lyndon amazed us and herself by being able to pull off this very restrictive position. She is tied in red ropes on the bed. If she arches her back she can almost touch the padlock on her collar. But we didn’t tie her too tight, she can probably escape if she tries! Tess is so cute! She hasn’t changed a bit since we shot with her 4 years ago! Perfectly tieable and very pretty. Her tattoo says ‘dreams come true’. Perhaps they do!

Tess Lyndon - First time in ropes

Young Tess Lyndon had her first rope bondage shoot here at Tieable.com! And she is indeed very tieable! With her nice flexible shoulders and lower back, Tess looks awesome in yellow rope!