Archive for May 2022

Lori seems to have fallen over

MILF Lori is a gorgeous woman. She is box tied and that’s already a hard challenge for her. She has never been tied before! Her kimono is tied open, revealing her large boobs. While struggling, Lori falls over and she can’t seem to get up anymore. What a pity, we will just have to watch her struggle a bit!

Nina - oiled up in green rope

The wonderful Nina! She will try a reverse prayer, including a crotch rope, and frog tied legs. That’s going to be a struggle! Her beautiful body is all oiled up, but that won’t help her. The ropes are too tight! She looks amazing in this crazy struggle, don’t miss the video clip and picture set!

Naomi Denise - awesome new girl

Naomi Denise is a tough girl, a stripper, and a submissive! All in one! She can bend and she loves a challenge! Not a bad find. I tied her on the bed in a good arched hogtie, and then attached her harness gag to the bed as well. Naomi Denise is one of my new favorites, there will be so many things we can do together, and I can’t wait to see what else she can do! She’s local to me, so also available for custom shoots!!

Mila - secretary tied up

Mila is a beautiful redhead and actually a good secretary! If she isn’t tied up. Because tied secretaries are pretty useless, but great fun to watch! Mila gets very frustrated at the fact we always use a 2 inch ball for her. Never a small gag. Because she has such a large mouth! She can’t take it out anyway, because she is box tied. Her ankles and knees are tied too, so she could only try to hop away, but that’s a bit risky in these heels. Fun times!

Denise - purple reverse prayer

Denise is one of my favorite models at the moment! So versatile and eager to learn! This time she will attempt a reverse prayer. She can already do everything that’s important, like strict elbow ties, huge gags, and breast bondage, but she has not tried a reverse prayer yet. Tied in purple, Denise is just stunning! A two inch purple gag completes her cute look. What a girl! She is available for custom videos too!