Naomi Denise

Naomi Denise - raised chicken wing

Super flexible Naomi Denise is back. She wants me to challenge her! I never tried this tie before, but it turned out pretty good! Naomi Denise was tied in a chicken wing and frogtie position and her torso was lifted by pulling the rope back on the bed. This was quite an extreme arch, but not enough for her, she wants it tighter next time! What a girl!

Naomi Denise - extreme vertical hogtie

This was a custom request, and it was awesome to be able to do this with the talented Naomi Denise! She was going to be hogtied, but vertically! The only thing holding her up was a steel collar attached to the wall. Quite a predicament for Naomi Denise, who absolutely LOVED this challenge. She is available for customs, especially if they are very hard!!

Naomi Denise - awesome new girl

Naomi Denise is a tough girl, a stripper, and a submissive! All in one! She can bend and she loves a challenge! Not a bad find. I tied her on the bed in a good arched hogtie, and then attached her harness gag to the bed as well. Naomi Denise is one of my new favorites, there will be so many things we can do together, and I can’t wait to see what else she can do! She’s local to me, so also available for custom shoots!!