Denise - zip tied

Cute young Denise is going to be the test subject for a zip tie bondage project. Using zip ties is so much faster than using rope, and they can be made tighter and tighter, which is a lot of fun to play with. I told Denise to zip tie her boobs tightly, and then I gave her a 2 inch zip tie ballgag! There is no way she can get these off without scissors, but I tied her elbows and wrists anyway, and THEN gave her the scissors. Can Denise escape these tight restraints?

Denise - hogtie pulled up

‘What is this ring for!!’, Denise jumped naked into the studio with her body already half tied. She is always so enthusiastic! I hogtied her quickly, because she loves hogties, but it was only when I pulled her up by the ring, she started to be excited and exhausted at the same time. It was quite a hard position, but Denise can take anything! She will still keep coming back for more, with her unlimited positive energy!

Denise - hogtied Hooters girl

Denise! She is one of my local models and she is always ready for more bondage! Denise is young but already super experienced in bondage, she is very flexible too! She is wearing a Hooters uniform, and I tied her shirt up so her big natural boobs are exposed. Then she went into an arched hogtie (with a gag) and Denise just loved it! So much fun to tie with her, she’s so bubbly! Do you want a custom video with Denise? She’s up for anything! Just email me at webmaster@tieable.com!

Denise - mouth spreader

Denise is back for some more bondage! I tied her to the wall, with her perfect boobs wrapped in tight red rope! A crotch rope was added to make sure she was feeling the ropes all the time. Denise loves bondage so much! She also loves being on display like this. And I have to admit, with a nice mouth spreader added, she makes a perfect wall decoration!

Denise - mummy tie

Denise is so much fun to tie up! She is a perfect bondage submissive, always ready to try out new positions and ties. This mummy tie was a lot of fun, with a tight crotch rope and her big boobs tied up. Her favorite harness gag was strapped on, and she started wriggling and moaning. It was only making her more excited!

Denise - reverse prayer in the bathroom

Denise is my perfect bondage model! Big gags, big boobs, flexible arms! What more do you want! She is very submissive as well, and she loves to get tied up! Ask her on her Twitter and OnlyFans, she is a lot of fun to talk to! Today she got tied up in the bathroom, boobs bound, in a reverse prayer with a 2 inch white gag. Do you want a custom bondage video with Denise? Message me (or her) and we can film it for you!!

Denise - exposed and gagged

One of my favorite models is the 19-year old Denise. She is so flexible, and very submissive. Denise can be tied in a reverse prayer, or in elbow bondage, and her large boobs can be tied too! She loves wearing huge gags, and feeling very helpless. I tied her to the papasan chair, which left her very open and vulnerable. Denise is just such a bondage treasure! If you want a custom video with her, just email me!

Denise - tight latex pants, tight latex gag

Denise is so cute! This young bondage models is always getting into trouble. This time she showed up in tight latex leggings. I added some gloves and a tight latex ballgag. Now she was ready for some rope work, her big natural boobs got tied of course. And Denise even got her elbows together! She’s not super flexible, so that was very challenging, but she did it! Struggling and drooling, Denise tried to wriggle out of her ropes, but it was impossible. Poor Denise!

Denise - penis gag hogtie

My model Denise is perfect for custom requests! She is bendy, with tieable boobs, and she loves bondage! Denise even loves gags! In this member request, she is crotch roped and harnessed before being put in a tight hogtie. Then a penis gag and blindfold are added, and Denise is left like this. Drooling and not sure when she will be released, it was very exciting for her! Do you want a custom shoot with Denise, or do you have a member request for her? No problem, Denise would love to do it! Email me at webmaster@tieable.com!

Denise - purple reverse prayer

Denise is one of my favorite models at the moment! So versatile and eager to learn! This time she will attempt a reverse prayer. She can already do everything that’s important, like strict elbow ties, huge gags, and breast bondage, but she has not tried a reverse prayer yet. Tied in purple, Denise is just stunning! A two inch purple gag completes her cute look. What a girl! She is available for custom videos too!

Denise - perfect sub

Denise is 18 years old and already the perfect submissive! She has three important natural skills! Her elbows go all the way together, her boobs are soft and big and can be tied, and she can handle huge ballgags. She didn’t even have to train for any of these perfect sub skills! Now she just needs to be trained in endurance, and maybe try to get less angry when she is tied up. Whoever will get her as a submissive is the luckiest person in the world!

Denise hates tied boobs

18 year old Denise hates having her boobs tied. But they are so tieable! Those natural big boobs are just perfect wrapped in rope! We gagged her with a 2 inch gag, and tied her arms behind her. Denise tries to shake the ropes off her boobs, but that’s not going to work. She seems angry! Let’s sit back and enjoy the show!