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Olga Cabaeva - displayed

We built this platform just for Olga! She is going to be tied to it, her ankles will be tied to an overhead bar, and her arms will be in front of her. There’s no way to escape this, especially when we tie her harness gag to the bar as well. Olga wriggles and drools, but she is just stuck here, on display for everyone to see. Would you put this piece of art in your house? It’s a bit drooly but beautiful to look at!

Yasmine - tied boobs

Playmate Yasmine doesn’t like it when we tie her boobs. But they are so tieable! We convinced her to just let us do it one more time! She is so sultry and pouty when she is frustrated! With her arms in a box tie, there’s nothing she can do about her situation. Yasmine is gorgeous, but with tied boobs she looks even better!

Curvy Ra - exposed boobs tied and grabbed

Who can resist Curvy Ra’s boobs! We have tied them with rope and she doesn’t seem very happy about it, even though we have given her a nice crotchrope. We had to use a huge gag to stop her from complaining. Curvy Ra just looks spectacular in bondage! She is such a great struggler, as ropes and gags make her super angry. To annoy her even more, we grab her huge boobs a few times. Curvy Ra is so frustrated and exposed!

Aubrey wakes up tied to the cage

Aubrey wakes up tied on top of a cage! She is all stretched out and quite uncomfortable. She is very confused and tries to struggle but the ropes are holding down her waist, ankles, and wrists. It’s a very challenging position and she feels vulnerable. Let’s hope she can escape before her captor comes back!!

Camushii - purple struggle

Camushii loves cosplay outfits, but this shoot is a bit different! She has no outfit at all! The only thing she is wearing are purple ropes and she isn’t too happy about it. She struggles with all her might, and tries to say something, but she is gagged with a tight purple and blue ballgag. What a terrible situation! Let’s hope someone will rescue her soon!