Curvy Ra

Curvy Ra gets hogtied

Curvy Ra is back and I tied her boobs again! Just like last time. But this time, I also hogtied her, because it is a lot of fun to see her wriggle around. She is an experienced bondage model, and she gets tied up a lot! She was a little disappointed I didn’t use pink rope last time (because she had pink hair), so I used it this time. It looks so good! Just a naked curvy girl rolling around in ropes! The hogtie was pretty easy, so she escaped after a little struggle. No problem, next time I will tie her up a lot tighter!

Curvy Ra - exposed boobs tied and grabbed

Who can resist Curvy Ra’s boobs! We have tied them with rope and she doesn’t seem very happy about it, even though we have given her a nice crotchrope. We had to use a huge gag to stop her from complaining. Curvy Ra just looks spectacular in bondage! She is such a great struggler, as ropes and gags make her super angry. To annoy her even more, we grab her huge boobs a few times. Curvy Ra is so frustrated and exposed!