Archive for March 2020

Cassie - reverse elbow bondage

Young Cassie is a slender tall girl from the Netherlands. She can do things no other girl can do because she has the longest and most flexible arms we have ever tied! Elbow bondage is easy for Cassie. She can actually do a REVERSE elbow bondage, turning her palms out she can still get her elbows together! Don’t try this at home! Cassie is a uniquely talented bondage girl!

Cherry English - ring gagged and elbow tied

Tiny Cherry English is back! She is so cute, remember her reverse prayerreverse prayerreverse prayer? This time we tie her elbows in a hard rope bondage position, with bent arms pulled upwards. Cherry is completely powerless, and she won’t be able to escape these ropes on her own. Elbow ties are so effective and inescapable! We strap a cute pink ring gag on her, so she starts drooling while she struggles! Enjoy this amazing picture set and video clip!

Lena - loving the ropes

Beautiful Lena loves the ropes! We tie her up in a box tie, with her legs tied (in the video clip). She struggles a little to feel the ropes on her body, her arms are pinned behind her back and she is very exposed. This is what Lena loves! Such a stunning girl!! We will definitely go back to her house to tie her up more!

Mira - first time in ropes

Cute young Mira is very pretty! And curious as well, as she reported to the Tieable.com studios to get tied up in rope for the first time. We wasted no time, putting her in a sturdy box tie with white ropes with her legs frog tied! Mira was completely helpless and very vulnerable. She thought it was amazing how such simple ropes can make her powerless. She struggled a little to test the ropes, such a gorgeous view!!

Little Lanta - tieable gymnast

Little Lanta!! Remember this school girl? Well, Little Lanta turns out to be much more than just a cute girl who can do a reverse prayer! She is actually one of the most flexible girls you have ever seen! Incredible back arch, side splits, middle splits, it’s all no problem for this gymnast girl. But can she do that with her arms tied ? Of course she can! Little Lanta can do anything!