Little Lanta

Little Lanta - vulnerable

Oh no! Little Lanta is pretzel tied to the bed! Now she is very vulnerable, her sensitive spots are all up for grabs and on display! Let’s hope no one will come along and start groping her. Well, I may have messed with Lanta a little bit. She is so cute and helpless, it’s hard not to tease her in this compromising position. What would you do if you found Little Lanta like this?

Little Lanta captured

Oh no! Everyone’s favorite gymnast has been captured and tied to a wall! Let’s hope no one will come and grab her boobs…. oh… too late :)

Little Lanta - pretzel tie

Little Lanta is a super flexible submissive girl from the UK! She can be twisted and bent into any position, and she loves a challenge! This awesome pretzel tie is no problem for Lanta, she likes it when there is absolutely no way to escape! Gagged and plugged, Lanta is very exposed and helpless, tied with pink rope to the papasan chair. Don’t miss this amazing update!

Little Lanta - hogtied on the rotating display

Super flexible fun pet girl Little Lanta is back!! She wanted a REAL challenge, so I tied her in a tight hogtie, with a harness panel gag holding her head back. She was on a rotating display platform, so we can sit back and watch her spin around and around… Lanta is such an awesome girl to tie up, she can handle anything and she always wants more! Tight bondage with gymnasts is so much fun!! Enjoy this Little Lanta bondage display, it is a work of art!

Little Lanta - split bondage

This is why we love to shoot with the super cute gymnast Little Lanta! She can be bent, split, and arched in any position! Lanta is the perfect bondage doll, with her cute boobs and very talented body! She enjoys a challenge, and a struggle! With her shiny jewel butt plug inside her, she wriggles on the black sofa in extreme split bondage. So hot! Don’t miss this update!

Little Lanta - tieable gymnast

Little Lanta!! Remember this school girl? Well, Little Lanta turns out to be much more than just a cute girl who can do a reverse prayer! She is actually one of the most flexible girls you have ever seen! Incredible back arch, side splits, middle splits, it’s all no problem for this gymnast girl. But can she do that with her arms tied ? Of course she can! Little Lanta can do anything!

Little Lanta - cute school girl gagged and tied

Little Lanta is cute! But she is also very very naughty as you may know (if not, google her). She wrote her name on the board before we caught her, but now we have her all tied up in rope. Unfortunately for Lanta, her boobs slipped out as we were tying her. Oh well, nothing we can do about it now! Lanta needs to stay a while, let’s just call it detention.