Muzzle gag hogtie for Cassie

Tall young Cassie never ceases to amaze us with her incredible arm flexibility. The longest arms of any model AND the most flexible. She can actually do reverse elbow bondage (as you may have seen on this website and some other sites). Today, we tie those elbows again (of course), pulling them up so her arms are bent. Then it’s into a quick hogtie with her head tied back to her feet, by means of a muzzle harness gag! But don’t feel sorry for her, she is a real escape artist! Good thing it is impossible to completely escape a good tight elbow bondage!

Cassie - reverse elbow bondage

Young Cassie is a slender tall girl from the Netherlands. She can do things no other girl can do because she has the longest and most flexible arms we have ever tied! Elbow bondage is easy for Cassie. She can actually do a REVERSE elbow bondage, turning her palms out she can still get her elbows together! Don’t try this at home! Cassie is a uniquely talented bondage girl!

Cassie - elbow tie and harness gag

19 year old Cassie is a local girl who loves to drop by for some bondage now and then. She is super tall and flexible, so she is a joy to tie up! Cassie expected to be tied in rope today, but we showed her a harness ballgag to see how she would react. Cassie had never seen one before in her life! She was very intrigued. Of course, we asked her to try it on and she looked incredible in this gag. Time for a strict elbow tie! Of course, Cassie ended up hogtied with her ankles tied to her head. She was so happy struggling in her ropes! Cassie is the perfect local bondage girl, let’s hope she drops by more often for some fun!

Cassie - bride elbow tied super tight

All Cassie had dreamed about was getting married, but she is only 19 so she will have to wait a while. Trying on a brides dress was too tempting for her, however, and she has to be punished for that. Her long slender arms are cruelly elbow tied, slammed all the way together. But we used pink rope to cheer Cassie up a little! It didn’t help, Cassie’s perfect day was ruined, but we loved seeing her struggle in that dress!

Cassie - boots, gloves, and gag

Young Cassie returns for more bondage! Yes! This 19-year old is incredibly tall and cheerful. And in her thigh high boots, she is even taller! She wants to try it all, so we quickly got her back in rope bondage and pulled out a large ballgag. It turned out to be too much for her, but a medium size ballgag was no problem! So there we go: a cute young Cassie, all tied up and gagged, and she was determined to escape!

Cassie - new elbow talent!

19 year old Cassie wants to be a bondage model! And she does have what it takes! This super tall girl has never-ending arms that go together behind her back without any effort! Elbow touching bondage without problems, this girl will be going places!!