Ulysse - pink and white

We have so many girls from all over the world, did you ever study our models page? Ulysse is from France, and she is very fond of colored ropes. She was tied up in a few colors already, and today she will get 2 of her favorite rope colors: pink and white! She was so happy! Except for the pink ballgag, she did not really like that. But oh well, you can’t have it all!

Ulysse - wrists to knees

French sweetheart Ulysse is back! She is so much fun to tie up, a great struggler! And she likes to really try to get out! We tied her in a different way: wrists to her knees. Let’s see if Ulysse can escape this tie. If not, we will have a lot of fun watching her try anyway!

Ulysse - breast bound and harness gagged

Our French cutie Ulysse is back! After being displayed in quite a vulnerable way, we thought she would never come back again, but here she is: ready to get tied again! Her boobs are quite large and natural so of course they were perfect for some breast bondage. Ulysse thought that was a little bit strange, but there was not much she could do in her box tie, gagged with a harness ballgag. She struggled of course (she is a mad French girl) but she couldn’t get out of this.

Ulysse - woke up like this

French cutie Ulysse woke up tied to the bed! Spread eagled and completely nude. Horrible… well for her anyway. But Ulysse is a fighter, she will struggle to get out of this, and eventually she probably will (if she doesn’t get too tired from all the trashing around). It’s great fun to watch her though, all spread out and helpless!