Ariel Anderssen

Ariel Anderssen - wall hogtie

The famous Ariel Anderssen is a very experienced bondage model. We figured we could try and hogtie her to a wall today, lifting up her body, and attaching her harness gag to the wall so she can’t rest her head on the floor. Ariel did great, and she even loved the position a lot! It was very strict and she couldn’t move much, but she tried to protest and struggle (and drool) as much as possible. Because struggling is sexy!

Ariel Anderssen - reverse prayer nurse

THE Ariel Anderssen is back! She was very excited to get tied up in this hospital setting, who doesn’t like a nurse in bondage! The tall blonde Ariel is famous for her reverse prayer skills, so we tied her in white ropes, hands up very high between her shoulders. A red and white gag matches her cute nurse outfit perfectly! All nurses should be tied like this all the time! Although that might not be super helpful, but it would certainly cheer us up!

Ariel Anderssen - The queen of reverse prayers

Bondage model Ariel Anderssen is very well known for her ability to handle strict reverse prayers. So we couldn’t resist: we tied her in a very effective reverse prayer, with absolutely no chance of escape. She can handle it, don’t worry!

Ariel Anderssen - Tied in blue

Something a little different for the gorgeous Ariel Anderssen: a blue tie, wrists to waist, elbows tied, with frogtied legs! Her beautiful corset and ballgag are also in matching blue! Let’s keep her for a while, she loves bondage too much to let her out soon!

Ariel Anderssen - tight gold rope

Don’t worry! It’s Ariel Anderssen! She can take a tight elbow bondage, and then some! Dressed in some of the finest stockings and garter belt, Ariel looks so stunning: we had no choice, it had to be the gold rope for her! We cinched her elbows all the way together, just to make sure… you never know with these tall blonde bondage models! Enjoy this severe but romantic update!

Ariel Anderssen - Reverse prayer in yellow

Ariel Anderssen!! One of the world’s most famous bondage models! She can do a reverse prayer like no one else! Ariel looks so hot in this yellow rope, with her hands folded neatly between her shoulders! Don’t try this at home!