Edita - no hopping

Edita insists on wearing high heels all the time. That didn’t work out very well for her in this case. As we tied her, she was sitting on the chair, thinking she could escape by hopping away. But hopping in high heels is almost impossible. So instead of getting away, Edita was pretty much stuck to the chair. She had to be careful not to fall, but even so she wriggled and moaned a lot! You shouldn’t have worn those heels, Edita!

Edita - tied on the couch

Tieable.com comes to your house, so you don’t have to travel! Edita wanted to try some tied bondage to see if she could struggle her way out of the ropes. We tied her up right on her own couch! Gagged and tied, Edita was clearly not expecting bondage this tight. But she struggled the best she could, even though there was no hope of escaping. Don’t miss this wonderful wriggle!