Lera - tied up at the abandoned building

Lera is always in for abandonment fantasies! It’s what she loves most. Remember when we tied her up all alone in the woods? This time we took her to this creepy abandoned building and tied her spread eagle to the structure. We used lots of rope so she would be totally helpless. Lera loves fantasizing about being left all vulnerable, waiting for someone to find her. She is such a great model to work with!

Lera - abandoned in the woods

While walking through the woods with our model Lera, we found this great spot to tie her up! Tied between two trees with lots of rope, in a box tie, Lera was not going anywhere at all! She could barely move, it was very tight. We are very lucky to find girls who put their trust in us to make these incredible images and videos. Lera is a sweet submissive girl, and she enjoyed her moment of peril immensely! Being tied up and abandoned is a big fantasy for many people, but please play safe and consensual! We hope you will enjoy this update as much as Lera did!