Rachel Adams

Rachel Adams - tight hogtie

This is a true story: Rachel Adams actually asked me to tie her in a tight hogtie after seeing a little statue of a hogtie torture method in a museum. Yep. She got all excited and wanted me to tie her just as tight as the statue she had seen. I did my best, and I think we got kind of close. Rachel was very happy in her super tight hogtie! She said next time I should try to make it even tighter! She is just the best!!

Rachel Adams - elbows slammed

If there’s anyone who can do tight elbow bondage, it’s Rachel Adams! We are so happy to add her to our list of models! This American girl is a very experienced bondage model, who seems to get tied up very tightly by everyone she meets. She is starting to wonder why they all tie her EXTRA tight. Maybe it is because she can handle it? Rachel Adams can spend a very long time in a tough bondage like this, but she got a little desperate at the end. It was VERY tight!