Overhead tie for Melisa Mendini

The famous Melisa Mendini is back for more bondage! If you want to see her in ropes, this is the only place to see that, because Melisa does not shoot any other rope bondage content with other producers. She is so stunning! Today, we tie her in a really helpless position: the overhead tie. She is completely exposed and vulnerable. Melisa loves doing kinky shoots, and she always looks hot in rope!

Melissa - chicken wing tie

It’s not easy to tie up Melissa, she is a good struggler! We wanted to give her a different challenge, but she almost got out. Melissa is a real escape artist. We shouldn’t experiment on her next time, and tie her up really good, because we can’t risk her escaping! We want to keep her here as long as possible.

Melissa - Reverse prayer

The beautiful Melissa is back! And although we have worked with her many times, we did not even know she could do a reverse prayer! So when we found out, there was no way back for her, we needed to shoot this position! Melissa wasn’t getting out of this one! She could struggle all she wanted, a reverse prayer is inescapable!

Melissa - Cute in ropes

Lots of models on our new white canopy bed!! Melissa is next! This cute Czech model just keeps coming back for more bondage! She is so gorgeous! Especially in a red rope chest harness boxtie and crossed ankles with high heels! We love Melissa!

Melissa - Wall tied

Cute Melissa is tied to the wall with hemp ropes! Naked and defenseless, she struggles to free herself!

Melissa Mendini - Box tied struggle

The world famous glamour girl Melissa Mendini tightly tied in yellow rope! Including super pretty bare feet! Great struggling by this incredibly tieable babe!

Melissa - In pink trouble

The incredible Melissa is a sweet cute girl, so we just had to tie her up in pink ropes. A ceiling rope holds her hogtie firmly in place, pulling her tiny feet up in the air. She is not going anywhere! Great fun, she will be back!