Jasmin - chair fun

A bit of fun with Jasmin, she is always in for a little challenge! I tied her to a chair, with her legs up to the sides of the chair. She couldn’t move at all! I put a magic wand under her and turned it on. Jasmin loved it so much, she was squirming and writhing, there was nothing she could do to stop the pleasure and fun! I don’t think she wanted it to stop, I could have left her there forever!

Jasmin - no more pole dancing

Pole dancer Jasmin is really good! She wanted to get some practice in, but we tied her to her pole. Obviously, she did not like that! Bondage is good exercise too. Especially some struggling, like Jasmin is doing. Can she escape and get back to her practice? Watch the video to find out!

Jasmin - pillar tied

Beautiful Jasmin is back! She is very flexible and she loves ropes! Remember her in our past updates? Always gorgeous and a very nice struggle. This time, Jasmin can’t struggle much though. She is tightly tied to a pillar, with a tight crotch rope and this rope does not have any stretch in it. She is very secure. All she can do is wait for someone to release her!

Jasmin - box tie and crotch rope

Jasmin is back! She casually mentioned she never had a crotch rope before, which is a strange thing to say… well, we did not want to disappoint her, so we included one in today’s tie. She is box tied and her legs are tied, and a tight crotch rope runs between her legs. We think Jasmin had a lot more fun struggling this time!

Jasmin - police officer chair tied

Office Jasmin is captured and tied to a chair! She is in a creepy room, and she would love to escape but even her legs are tied to the chair so she can’t even hop her way to the door. She is very tightly secured with ropes, her captor definitely knew what he was doing! Will someone come and save this poor police officer?

Jasmin - Reverse prayer

When we found out Jasmin can do a reverse prayer position, we just had to tie her up like that! A good tip for models: never show off your skills or you will required to do a lot more extreme poses than the rest of the models. For the same pay!!