Nora Sparkle

Nora Sparkle grabbed

Nora Sparkle is a pure submissive who loves to get tied up and grabbed! She always loves role play and rough handling, but when her boobs get tied it makes them so sensitive she doesn’t really want anyone to grab them. Or does she? It’s very complicated, but you will see what Nora really likes when you watch the video!!

Nora Sparkle - boob puppet

Nora showed up with this mint green color in her hair, thinking we wouldn’t have ropes to match it. Wrong! We have every color, even mint green. We tied her boobs tightly and pulled them up to the ceiling. With her hands tied behind, Nora had to balance on her toes for a while. It was a lot of fun to see this boob puppet position, as it got harder and hard for her to keep her balance!

Nora Sparkle - rope harnessed

Wow Nora Sparkle is spectacular! I have wrapped her in a tight rope harness today, with tied boobs and a huge ballgag. Nora loves a good struggle! She is very submissive and she loves to feel very vulnerable and exposed. The fact that anyone could grab her aroused her! She can’t defend herself or even protest. Nora is such a great bondage bunny!!

Nora Sparkle - chair tied and gagged

Nora Sparkle! We just love tying her up, she has an amazing body and she is a real submissive… although sometimes a bit reluctant because she really doesn’t like big gags too much. At the creepy office, Nora is nude and tied to a chair, her awesome boobs are wrapped in rope. Of course, we strap a 2 inch red ball into her mouth, and Nora struggles wildly. It’s awesome to see her drool and wriggle, there is no chance for her to escape from the ropes. Nora Sparkle is a great bondage girl!!