Nicole Vice

Nicole Vice - struggling in purple

We have the famous adult star Nicole Vice back again! This time we wrap her in purple ropes, including a tight crotch rope. We leave her legs free so she can wriggle, fall over, and give us a good view of the crotch rope! She is gagged with a 2 inch purple ballgag to muffle her protests. Nicole is quite fierce, but she can’t free herself! She is very vulnerable with her boobs and crotch rope on display!

Cindy Dollar & Nicole Vice - double elbow tie!

Not one, but TWO girls who can be elbow tied in one update. That’s pretty rare! Whenever we have two girls, there’s always one who isn’t as flexible as the other. Cindy and Nicole are both flexible! They don’t have much experience in tight bondage though, so we went easy on them and let them help each other to escape. It’s a lot of fun as the girls are gagged too, so they had a hard time cooperating to get out of the rope!