Cindy Dollar

Cindy Dollar - tight elbow hogtie in ballet heels

Beautiful Cindy Dollar is a tough one! She wanted to wear these red and black ballet boots in my studio. I said she could… if she would do a little hogtie for me. It turned out to be a super tight elbow bondage hogtie with a ballgag. Cindy was already expecting this, she has known me for over 10 years! There’s not many girls who can handle this extreme tie as beautifully as Cindy!!

Cindy Dollar - elbow bondage hogtie

Cindy Dollar is such a tough girl! She can be bound with her elbows together for a while, leaving me time to make the hogtie more interesting. By adding a harness gag, and attaching her to the wall by her torso and gag. Cindy couldn’t move an inch! She was very stuck, on her little platform, tied in green ropes. She is a work of art! If you want a custom picture set or video with Cindy Dollar, keep in mind she will be back in the studio early next year for more bondage fun!

Cindy Dollar - the Tower of Pain

One of the most cruel ways to apply clover clamps is the dreaded Tower of Pain. Cindy Dollar will find out what it is exactly in today’s shoot. Elbow tied, she can’t reach the clover clamps with her hands, and the pain is getting worse and worse. What a predicament! Don’t try this at home!

Cindy Dollar - balancing in breast bondage

Cindy’s big boobs are very tieable! I tied them to the ceiling, much to her suprise. Cindy was wriggling around, but as she struggled on her tip toes, it was hard to keep her balance. Every time she stumbled, the rope pulled on her tied boobs. Why doesn’t she just stay still?!

Cindy Dollar - no shower

Cindy Dollar wanted to take a shower, but I wanted to tie her up. We reached a compromise: I wouldn’t tie her wrists so she could still use her hands and have a shower. But her elbows were tied together so tightly, Cindy couldn’t reach the shower. She tried and tried, but it was impossible. And then she got gagged as well. I think she was mad at me. But we had a deal!!

Cindy Dollar hogtied on the rotating platform

Wouldn’t it be nice to study a hogtied girl from all angles? We put on of our top models, Cindy Dollar, on our new rotating platform. She is hogtied and her head is tied back to her ankles, using the D-ring on top of her harness gag. Cindy is such a trooper! She is elbow tied and arched, but she has some great boob support to hold this pose for a while. In fact, she was in it for a long time, as we had way too much fun spinning her around and around… Don’t miss this perfect hogtie display!

Cindy Dollar - extreme hogtie

Cindy Dollar is back and we have got a really nice challenge for her! Elbows together, wrists pulled up, hogtied to the top of her harness gag! That’s a very extreme position to hold! Cindy is a real trooper, she is flexible with huge boobs, which makes her a perfect bondage model. She usually doesn’t shoot much bondage, so it is even more impressive that she managed this position! She couldn’t move much, all she could do was moan and wriggle her butt a little. Don’t miss this great picture set and video!

Cindy Dollar & Nicole Vice - double elbow tie!

Not one, but TWO girls who can be elbow tied in one update. That’s pretty rare! Whenever we have two girls, there’s always one who isn’t as flexible as the other. Cindy and Nicole are both flexible! They don’t have much experience in tight bondage though, so we went easy on them and let them help each other to escape. It’s a lot of fun as the girls are gagged too, so they had a hard time cooperating to get out of the rope!

Cindy Dollar - chicken wing hogtie

We’ve always wanted to do a chicken wing hogtie on a beautiful big boobed girl! Cindy Dollar seemed like the perfect victim for this :) Watch her get progressively tied tighter and tighter, until she ends up in a pink chicken wing hogtie including a pink ballgag! Hot!!