Louise Red

Louise Red - tied to the door

We tied Louise Red to the door with her arms overhead and a super tight crotchrope! She struggled and moaned but she couldn’t get out. She was getting tired but we weren’t done yet: we tied one leg in a frog tie, so Louise couldn’t stand up any more, her hands still tied overhead. The struggling in the crotch rope with the strategically placed knots was interesting: Louise wanted to pretend that she was angry, but you can see she really liked wriggling her body!

Louise Red returns for more bondage

She has been here twice already, but Louise Red can’t get enough! This time we did not use red rope anymore. Sure, her name is Louise Red, but she looks good in any rope color! A nice box tie and chest harness to make her struggle in hemp rope, Louise just really gets into it. She does not have a partner to do this with, so she gladly comes over to experience more bondage with us here at Tieable.com. Do you want to get tied up and make some money? Just email us!

Louise Red is back!

Louise Red is back for more! With a name like that, we just had to use red ropes! A more traditional style will suit her well, with some cool arm and leg ties for her to struggle in. The rope on her body connects to a crotch rope as well! That was a very interesting sensation for cute Louise, the more she struggled, the more she pulled on her crotch rope!

Louise Red - Christmas spread eagle

Merry Christmas everyone! We have a present for you: the lovely Louise Red all spread out for you on the bed! Louise is tied with red rope and gagged of course. We tied her in a number of interesting ways you can try with your partner during the upcoming holidays! Louise is new to our website, she is a beautiful rope model and we hope to see more of her soon! Happy holidays, and play safe!