Darina Nikitina

Darina Nikitina - don't drop it!

Darina Nikitina finds herself in a terrible predicament. Her arms lifted up in a strappado tie, she is holding a strapless ballgag in her mouth. The gag is attached to her nipple clamps, and it is pretty heavy because of the steel bolt and ring. She will have to hold on to this gag, because if she lets go… it will hurt a LOT! The crotch rope is distracting her, and she starts drooling more and more, making it harder to grip the ball with her mouth. Will she drop it? Let’s hope not!

Darina Nikitina - open

‘Get a papasan chair!’, members said, ‘it will be fun!’. I have to say you weren’t wrong. The chair has some interesting possibilities, and Darina certainly got to discover the comfort and vulnerability of being tied in this chair. Wide open and helpless, a gagged Darina enjoys a bit of a struggle. She was very excited being this exposed! It’s definitely a fantasy chair!!

Darina Nikitina - perky

Darina Nikitina is one of my favorite models to tie! Very flexible elbows and nice boobs! Today, she will be tied in black. Black rope, black tight string around her boobs, and an all-black ballgag. Darina’s boobs are super perky with this tight thin string wrapped around them! She struggles and moans but she is elbow tied so there’s no chance for her to escape. So nice to watch this perfect body wriggling in black ropes!

Darina Nikitina - hogtied tight

Super flexible Darina Nikitina returns to attempt a very tight hogtie! Her elbows tied all the way together (of course), and her wrists tied to her crotchrope in the back, she has to keep her arms bent, which is super hard when you are elbow tied. This is a position that not many girls can do, but Darina makes it look easy! A nice harness gag pulls her head back while she struggles. Not too much struggling, because these ropes are very tight!

Darina Nikitina - incredible reverse prayer

Darina is back! She did some ultra tight elbow bondage when she was here before, and usually girls can do either elbow bondage OR reverse prayers. But not both. It’s a different kind of flexibility. Well, be amazed: Darina can do a reverse prayer! And a tight one! She must be one of the most awesome young bondage talents we have ever seen. It’s incredible what this girl can handle. She is one of the absolute best, and she definitely should have her own bondage website! Great gagged struggle too, don’t miss this!

Darina Nikitina - breast bondage

Young Darina is up for anything! She is so cute! Her boobs are perfect for some breast bondage, nice and round and soft. We tie her arms to her sides, so she can’t tinker with her tight breast bondage ropes. Darina loves to struggle though, so she might be able to escape this! Watch the video to find out what happened!

Darina Nikitina - elbow bondage in gold rope

Darina is such a talent! After her ultra tight elbow bondage, we thought she wouldn’t want to come back! That was brutal! But she is back, and she wants more! So today we are going to do more tight elbow bondage, with gold rope this time, in the Japanese room! Darina struggles and moves, but she can’t move her arms at all! She is so pretty and flexible, and she loves bondage very much. She will be back for more, so send in your requests for Darina!

Darina Nikitina - ultra tight elbow bondage

Darina can do it! She is flexible enough to do this ultra tight elbow bondage. No cinch between the lower arms means they are even closer together, and her shoulders are pulled all the way back. This is hard! Darina is gagged with a big ball and left to struggle, but there is not much she can do. She can barely move her arms! Don’t worry, Darina loves bondage, even though she seems a little uncomfortable at the moment.

Darina Nikitina - harness gag hogtie

Young Darina wasn’t too sure about this shoot, but she did it anyway! She is a very brave girl, and she looks awesome in bondage! We tied her in a box tie, and even tied her firm boobs to make them even more firm. Then Darina had to lie down on those tied boobs, to complete this harness gag hogtie. She did so well! We are going to keep her and tie her up some more!