Rija Mae

Mina Moreno tied up by Rija Mae

On holiday I met Mina Moreno from Spain, she is such a tiny cutie! Rigger girl Rija Mae was also there, so I teamed them up for some bondage by the pool. It was very awesome! Mina got tied in a reverse prayer, but she still wanted to go swimming after Rija finished tying. Of course, she couldn’t, but she was happy to dip her feet in the pool on this super hot day!

Muriel - tied up by the pool

Our beautiful Muriel is getting tied up by our lovely Rija Mae! Now there’s a great combination of girls! Rija knows Muriel is a very experienced rope bondage model, so she makes everything extra tight. Muriel gets tied up by the pool until she can’t move anymore. This is great bondage in the Spanish summer sun (great to watch on these cold winter evenings). Rija stretches Muriel so good, you can see Muriel’s six pack abs!

Nova Pink gets tied up by Rija Mae

Aah last summer when we were in Spain we just had sun, bondage girls, and rope! Professional rigger Rija Mae offered to tie up poor Nova Pink (again!), and we just couldn’t resist. Nova actually loves being tied, but Rija is very strict and a bit rough, it’s a lot of fun to see them work! Rija tied Nova in a tight reverse prayer hogtie with a drooly gag. The beautiful setting adds to the fun, we just sat there for a while watching Nova struggle. She did not want to move too much, because she was right on the edge of the pool!

Rija Mae - Purple struggle

We tied up the wild rope girl Rija Mae outdoors! She was wearing purple socks and her hair was purple, so we just needed to add a purple ballgag and purple rope to complete this set! Rija is such a wild struggler! This ballgag was a little bigger than she anticipated, so she really wanted to get out of the ropes to remove this gag! But her elbows were bound too tight to escape! Great struggle, don’t miss it!