Muriel - bed tied

Beautiful red head Muriel needs to get some sleep. What about a creative bed tie and a ballgag? She couldn’t really sleep like this, but she could not complain either. So we just left her to struggle for a while… which made her even more tired!

Muriel - red rope bondage

Muriel is so fit! She has a six pack! Does that mean she is good at struggling? Yes! But not at escaping. So we can tie her up and watch her awesome body squirm on the couch. Her gorgeous boobs are framed by the red rope box tie and it is awesome to see Muriel enjoying her ropes in her thick leather collar. We just love Muriel, we could tie her up all day!

Muriel - tied up by the pool

Our beautiful Muriel is getting tied up by our lovely Rija Mae! Now there’s a great combination of girls! Rija knows Muriel is a very experienced rope bondage model, so she makes everything extra tight. Muriel gets tied up by the pool until she can’t move anymore. This is great bondage in the Spanish summer sun (great to watch on these cold winter evenings). Rija stretches Muriel so good, you can see Muriel’s six pack abs!

Muriel - chair bondage

The beautiful Muriel is a rope lover! And her friend Afsana is awesome at rigging. So together they show us what they love to do all day: tying each other up (although Muriel gets tied up more). This is a great chair position, inescapable and with a rope gag too! The rope work is very arty and professional, and Muriel looks stunning in blue rope! Well done girls! We would love to see more of your work, keep sending in pictures and videos!