Alba Zevon

Alba Zevon - harness gag hogtie

It’s so much fun to tie up Alba Zevon! She loves bondage, the tighter the better! So I tried this wall hogtie on her, where her ankles, torso, and harness gag are tied to the wall. She couldn’t move much! Alba absolutely loved it, and she said she wanted it even tighter next time! Let’s hope I get a chance to do that some day!

Alba Zevon - hopping on the treadmill

Poor Alba! Her ankles and legs are tied and she will have to use the treadmill somehow. All she can do is hop along. It’s very exhausting but she would have been fine, except for the fact that I clamped her sensitive nipples with painful clover clamps. Alba will feel every hop in her nipples. What a terrible ordeal!

Alba Zevon - UltraGirl is captured

It’s UltraGirl!! She is so powerful and very strong! She can easily break ropes and chains! The problem is, all of that power comes from her UltraBelt, and her captor has removed it! UltraGirl Alba Zevon has been hogtied in the barn, her UltraBelt is hanging from a fence very close to her, but she can’t reach it. Without her belt, she can’t escape the supertight elbow bondage and hogtie! She is gagged with a 2 inch ball as well! This situation is very bad! Will she be able to escape before her captor returns?