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Dina Ket - reverse prayer

New girl Dina Ket is slender! Will she be able to do a reverse prayer? She is so cute, doing her best to look perfect with her makeup and earrings and lingerie, when we just strapped a bit gag on her. It does go nicely with her earrings, we will admit. Dina managed a reverse prayer, as we hoped, and she was a bit confused. She had never been tied up like this before, it is a strange feeling! She started drooling and sticking out her tongue, but her struggles couldn’t get her free of the ropes holding her long arms in this extreme position!

Jasmin - pillar tied

Beautiful Jasmin is back! She is very flexible and she loves ropes! Remember her in our past updates? Always gorgeous and a very nice struggle. This time, Jasmin can’t struggle much though. She is tightly tied to a pillar, with a tight crotch rope and this rope does not have any stretch in it. She is very secure. All she can do is wait for someone to release her!

Valentina Bianco - extreme hogtie

Our talented Italian girl is back for another challenge! Valentina Bianco gets tied in a chicken wing hogtie, and it is not an easy one! Her head gets tied back from her harness gag to her elbows, and there is not much she can do except to try and hold this position. With her amazing flexibility, she can do elbow ties and back arches, so we always test her to the limit. In a way it’s not fair: models who are not this flexible are never tied up in these extreme hogties. It’s a skill and a curse for poor Valentina!

Lillith Sweet - more struggling

Lillith Sweet is in the basement, tied up and gagged. She thinks she can free herself this time, but it is harder than she thinks. Struggling and moaning, Lillith is on her knees, trying to escape the ropes. She hates gags, and she keeps thinking it will be the first thing she will remove when she gets a hand free. Unfortunately, she can’t get her hands out of the wrist tie. Frustrated, Lillith looks at the camera, begging to be untied.