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Lara Tinelli - bamboo tie

We tied Latina babe Lara Tinelli in a complicated way. A bamboo pole was tied to her arms, one arm was up and the other one was down. It was our first attempt at this tie, and it was quite effective, but it probably could have been better. But it’s a nice little art piece, featuring the sexy Lara who was gagged with a huge chin strap ballgag for the occasion. She enjoyed this timeout quite a bit! This girl is very kinky and she loves to get tied up, so let’s hope we can get her back to test her a bit more!

Cindy Dollar hogtied on the rotating platform

Wouldn’t it be nice to study a hogtied girl from all angles? We put on of our top models, Cindy Dollar, on our new rotating platform. She is hogtied and her head is tied back to her ankles, using the D-ring on top of her harness gag. Cindy is such a trooper! She is elbow tied and arched, but she has some great boob support to hold this pose for a while. In fact, she was in it for a long time, as we had way too much fun spinning her around and around… Don’t miss this perfect hogtie display!

Mila Fox - chair tie

Just a simple chair tie for Mila Fox! You would think she can escape this, but unfortunately for her, she can’t. Which means she spent a lot of time sitting on a chair this afternoon. She was gagged and moaning, but she couldn’t escape the ropes. Maybe she just isn’t strong enough. Oh well, we just let her struggle for a while, see what she can do.

Little Scarlet - chair struggle

Cute Little Scarlet is back for more! She is so pretty! We tie her to a chair and she struggles to get free. It is a simple tie, but Scarlett can’t get out. It is fun to watch her squirm, she told us she loves bondage a lot, and she wants to try more of it! Maybe we should invite her to our other websites like MetalBondage.com? It would certainly satisfy her curiosity!

Thiccy Niccy does not like ballgags

New girl Thiccy Niccy is great! With her soft boobs and big butt, we try a lot of rope variations on her. We tried tying her elbows, and her boobs, before finally settling on a hogtie. Niccy was a bit apprehensive, she liked wriggling in the hogtie, but it was all still quite new to her. When she finally decided to have fun with it, we gagged her. She did not like that at all!! Some girls just don’t like drooling!