Mila Fox

Mila Fox - chair tie

Just a simple chair tie for Mila Fox! You would think she can escape this, but unfortunately for her, she can’t. Which means she spent a lot of time sitting on a chair this afternoon. She was gagged and moaning, but she couldn’t escape the ropes. Maybe she just isn’t strong enough. Oh well, we just let her struggle for a while, see what she can do.

Mila Fox - wrists and ankles

Mila Fox thought she could struggle her way out of this simple tie. Just wrists and ankles! But she was wrong, it was harder than she expected, because we tied her wrists to her belly (so she couldn’t reach her gag) and her ankles to the table leg!! We left her for a while, to give her a chance, but she still couldn’t escape her bonds. Poor Mila. She was exhausted!