Archive for October 2019

Helena - shop assistant tied up

We saw Helena in a German clothing shop and she looked so stunning! We started talking and she turned out to be pretty kinky, although she had never been tied up before. We invited her over for a little test shoot and this is the result! Helena has perfect tieable boobs, and she looks awesome in rope! She is a struggler though, something we had not anticipated. Let’s hope she will be back for a more elaborate shoot!

Mistress Kristin - angry

Kristin is a Mistress and she is a very dominant person. She reluctantly agreed to be tied up, regretting it already after a few seconds. She thought she could easily break out of the ropes, but it is a pulled up box tie, and there is no escape from this tight tie. Kristin got more and more angry, demanding to be let out, she even got a hold of her whip and threatened us! We just gagged her, which made her furious! Watch out!

Little Caprice - bamboo

Little Caprice is probably one of our most popular models! She looks so amazing in rope, but sadly enough she never shoots any rope bondage except with us. She is tied with a big bamboo stick behind her elbows so her posture draws attention to her perfect cute boobs. Don’t miss this update with Little Caprice! Join now and download all of her other updates too!

Britney - elbow bondage in chastity

Britney was apparently doing some kind of chastity challenge at ChastityBabes.com when we got a chance to shoot with her again. We were told the chastity belt and bra couldn’t come off, they were part of the challenge. Very strange, but these things were really locked on so they couldn’t be removed. No problem, we just wanted to tie an extremely tight elbow bondage again. Because Britney’s arms are legendary. She has the longest flexible arms ever. And it’s always good to crush those elbows together!