Britney - bench struggles

The wonderful Britney (always available for customs!) is back again for a fun hogtie on the bench. To make sure she doesn’t fall down during her struggles, I attached some ropes to secure her ankles and torso to the ceiling! Perfectly safe now! Britney can struggle all she wants, with her famous muffled gag sounds. This professional dancer has such an incredible body!

Britney - elbow bondage in chastity

Britney was apparently doing some kind of chastity challenge at ChastityBabes.com when we got a chance to shoot with her again. We were told the chastity belt and bra couldn’t come off, they were part of the challenge. Very strange, but these things were really locked on so they couldn’t be removed. No problem, we just wanted to tie an extremely tight elbow bondage again. Because Britney’s arms are legendary. She has the longest flexible arms ever. And it’s always good to crush those elbows together!

Britney - hair bondage

Britney is back! She wanted to do a shoot in our Asian room, and she even brought a matching outfit! But when we tied her in white rope, we opened up the front of the outfit so her boobs were exposed. There wasn’t much she could do about that. We also tied her hair to the box tie, so she couldn’t look down anymore. It was a lot of fun seeing this stunning long legged beauty struggle like this! We should do more hair bondage!

Britney - her first reverse prayer

The awesome Britney returns! She can handle super tight bondage so well! Please check out her previous updates, they are so tight! Britney is tall, with endless legs and arms, making her flexibility even more spectacular! Overknee boots make her even taller and sexier! So what to do to her today? Well, a reverse prayer of course! That’s going to be a challenge for poor Britney, and she will not be happy about it. She is flexible but she loves dancing and moving, and a reverse prayer will pin her arms in place with absolutely no movement at all! Poor Britney, it’s her own fault for being so bendy!

Britney and Roxy Mendez - tight elbow ties

We don’t often get TWO models who can do elbow ties! But amazingly, stunning UK beauties Britney and Roxy can do this! It’s always hard to decide who to tie up first, because she will have to be in this extreme position the longest. These girls are tough, they struggle hard in this frustrating tie. Their hands are free but they can’t do anything. Will they help each other to escape? Can they even use their fingers in this tight bondage?

Britney - extreme elbow hogtie

We love Spanish girl Britney! Longest arms and legs you have ever seen, and flexibility to match! Britney does not love us as much as we love her, obviously. Because every time she comes around, she gets tied in the most extreme elbow bondage positions, just because she can (not everyone can do this). Her arms are tied brutally tight, all the way together. She is hogtied and her neck is locked in a wide metal collar, making it hard to breathe. Why do we do this to Britney? Because we love her!

Britney - Elbow bondage struggle

The awesome Britney is all legs! She is so tall, with endless legs and slender arms. With such a flexible beauty, we need just one rope to make her utterly helpless. And Britney hates elbow bondage (which is why we also need a ballgag in matching color). Watch her try and try to get out of this super tight elbow rope. It’s just impossible… and Britney gets more and more upset.

Britney - Spread eagle

Tall Spanish beauty Britney finds herself tied to the bed in pink ropes! Spread eagled, as requested by our members, with an extra waist rope for safety! Britney doesn’t like this vulnerable position, but she is ballgagged and can not really do anything! A great struggle!